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Herr Löblich Looks Back at the Sim Racing Expo 2017

Herr Löblich Looks Back at the Sim Racing Expo 2017

Back in September the 2017 Sim Racing Expo which is currently the world’s biggest Sim Racing trade fair took place at the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. A lot of Sim Racing enthusiasts who were able to attend this virtual racing fest had the opportunity to sample various sim racing related product and check them out first hand.

Earlier this year, we already posted a nice Expo review by AussieStig, who showed us some of the exhibitors and there stands, giving us a good idea of the atmosphere at the event.

Now German YouTuber and avid Sim Racer Danny Altmann aka Herr Löblich and his cameraman Martin Kaps look back at this year’s Sim Racing Expo. While Danny recorded the video in German, we found the result to be interesting enough to share with an international audience. Danny shows us the highlights of his Sim Racing Expo visit and shares with us some footage of various high-end Sim Racing rigs he tested.

The 2017 Sim Racing Expo was the fourth edition of what is now the biggest sim racing orientated tradeshow in the world held at the 8.800 sqm ring boulevard running parallel to the start and finish straight of the German Nürburgring Grand-Prix circuit.

The visitors were able to try out various Sim Racing products and do some Sim Racing against a selection of professional racing drivers. At the same weekend, the track also hosted the final race of the Blancpain GT Sprint Series Championship, making it a feast for both real and virtual motorsport fans.

Those of you who have not yet experienced the Sim Racing Expo and would like to attend this awesome event can put the 14th-16th September 2018 on their agenda. Next years addition of the Sim Racing Expo is already being worked on and will feature a host of eSports events, RC Car Championships, slot car racing, model making exhibitions, gaming and of course all things Sim Racing. Last but not least, visitors will also be able to enjoy the final of the real-world 2018 Blancpain GT Sprint Series Championship.

German racing driver and event organizer, Marc Hennerici, already stated that they will make sure to improve on an already incredible event.

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