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Heusinkveld Engineering – Development Video – Sequential Shifter Early Prototype.

Heusinkveld Engineering


Niels Heusinkveld already stated he was planning to develop a sequential shifter. Today he posted a video of the Development unit.

The shifter is scheduled for 2014, but no exact date has been set. The unit shown in the video is an early prototype made of plexiglass. Niels had this build to testĀ the mechanical design. He states that the final version will be made of stainless steel and will require 2,5 times higher shifting force than displayed in this video.

BesidesĀ mounting holes for Sim rig mounting, the Heusinkveld Engineering sequential shifter willĀ also features a U-shape clamp to attach the shifter to a desk or platform. Ā It is also reported that this shifter will not be the only HE-Engineering product to appear in 2014, but more on that later.


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