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Heusinkveld Engineering – Working on a steering wheel.

Heusinkveld Engineering

Heusinkveld Engineering Wheel


Heusinkveld Engineering has already created some nice sets of professional pedals and is pretty busy in the vehicle modelling services scene, but it does not keep them from exploring new options.
After being contacted by a Formula Renault-team to have a look and see if they could come up with some fresh ideas for a pro simulator solution, the Heusinkveld Engineering wheel project came to life. In the pictures you can see an early prototype of the steering wheel.

The final product will feature a display and buttons.  Heusinkveld Engineering is also planning a paddle-shift system. Further more they state that the weight of the wheel will receive some special attention. Its clear that a lower weight will benefit the actual force feedback effects.  We will keep you posted when there is more news available.


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Heusinkveld Engineering