CTDP – 15 years of car painting.




CTDP – 15 years of car painting.

Daniel S. who you may also know as CTDP  member Dahie, created a very interesting article about the history of car painting in mods covering the last 15 years to illustrate how things have evolved.

Certainly a nice read for all interested in the skinning part of Modding.


I’ve been car painting for almost 14 years now. I started with GP2, joined the active community with GP3 and met with CTDP along the way. In addition to the last post about the changing times in the Modding community, I’d like to visualize that in my field of car painting and take you on a small history trip through the years.

Red the article @  http://devblog.ctdp.net/2012/07/history-15-years-of-car-painting/


Check out http://devblog.ctdp.net/