ImSim Presents Its Newest Simulator – The ImSim GARRA

ImSim Presents Its Newest Simulator - The ImSim GARRA

Portuguese Sim Racing gear manufacturer ImSim is best known for its stunning ImSim Alma motion simulator and the Talento sim racing pedals.

During the ongoing 2024 Sim Formula Expo held at the Maastricht Exhibition and Conference Centre in the historic city of Maastricht, the Netherlands ImSim revealed its brand new GARRA driving simulator. Garry is Portuguese for “claw of a bird of prey”.

At the time of writing, not much detailed info was shared. However, the chief marketing officer at ImSim, Tiago Meireles Ribeiro, explains some of the most noticeable features.

In good Insim fashion, the GARRA simulator is an impressive-looking piece of kit. The pedals, steering wheel, and racing seat positions of the GARRA are all fully adjustable. The simulator is available as a static, or D-Box powered motion version, and is equipped with four transducers creating tactile feedback for each tire on a vehicle. Interestingly, the integrated monitor stand is designed to be stationary having no negative effects introduced by the motion of the simulator platform.

I will keep you posted when more official details are shared.

About ImSim

ImSim started life as a daughter company of the Portuguese SIRMAF firm, which designs and manufactures custom machinery, software, and robotics for the automotive industry.  After analyzing a wide variety of markets, SIRMAF decided that with their expertise and professionalism, it might be interesting to develop a motion simulator product that could be sold directly to the end-user.

The ImSim brand was born, and the new company started developing a 3DOF motion simulator that was not only very functional but also a feast for the eyes. In their own words, motion simulator aesthetics should reflect its purpose, and their initial design already proved that theory.

Over the years, InSim further developed the simulator and perfected both the functionality and aesthetics, while introducing new and innovative products.

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