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Inside Sim Racing – Can the KOR-FX Gaming Vest be used for Sim Racing?

This Week Inside Sim Racing KOR-FX

Inside Sim Racing – Can the KOR-FX Gaming Vest be used for Sim Racing?

Darin Gangi and co-host John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing are presenting a review of the KOR-FX Gaming Vest from Immerz.

The last couple of years we have seen a huge increase in gaming and simulation related hardware that was specially developed to enhance your simulation based immersion. While force feedback steering wheels, hydraulic pedals, button boxes and full-fledged motion feedback sim rigs are purpose build for Sim Racing, there is also gaming hardware on the market with no direct relation to sim racing while it might have potential to enhance your virtual racing session.

One of these products is the KOR-FX Gaming Vest. The KOR-FX is fully compatible across a range of media and devices and can be used with anything that produces audio.

Darin Gangi and John Sabol check out the haptic feedback system and try to find out if it is suitable for use in a sim racing environment.  To do so they have tested the vest with a number of modern racing titles for the PC and console. To start the session, Darin and John also tested the KOR-FX Gaming Vest in conjunction with the SimXperience SimVibe software that can be seen as one of the best feedback software suite’s for racing simulators.

More info on the official KorFX website.

KOR-FX Gaming Vest Specifications:

  • Adjustable (one size fits all).
  • Wireless with included dongle.
  • Works with any standard 3.5mm audio source.
  • Customizable haptic filters and power settings.
  • Works with PC and consoles, see setup section for details.
  • Vest requires 4AA rechargeable or standard batteries (not included) 30hr to 40hr estimated runtime.
  • Wireless dongle can be USB or battery powered with 4AA rechargeable or standard batteries (not included).

On a side not, the KOR-FX Gaming Vest may not be suitable for everyone. Immerz included the following safety recommendations.

Safety Notes:

  • KOR-FX generates powerful emotional and physical effects. Please use caution in using this device. We recommend taking regular breaks between extended periods of play and if you feel any discomfort when using the vest to please discontinue use.
  • If you have a heart condition, we advise you to check with your doctor before using KOR-FX. If you have a pacemaker or any other heart implant do not use KOR-FX as the product contains magnets.
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