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Inside Sim Racing – GT Omega Racing ART Cockpit Review

Inside Sim Racing - GT Omega Racing ART chassis

Inside Sim Racing – GT Omega Racing ART Cockpit Review

Darin Gangi and John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing review the GT Omega Racing ART chassis.

As usual, the ISR duo discusses the features and details of the racing chassis. After a solid test drive, they share the Pros and Cons of the product.

The GT Omega ART Racing Simulator Cockpit is fitted with the quality RS6 Racing Seat. You can adjust the wheel platform height, Pedal platform Angle, Gear mount height, the length of the cockpit frame and even raise and lower the seat position. The cockpit comes with pre-drilled mounting holes supporting the major brands of hardware, such as Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec.

In Europe, the ART Cockpit is on sale for £279.95 / €398.00. (without shipping cost)

In its price range, the GT Omega ART Cockpit is probably the most adjustable and feature rich simulator chassis on the market.




  • Length of cockpit frame is adjustable
  • Pedal plate can be adjusted in angle.
  • Gear Shifter mount can be mounted on both side.
  • Gear Shifter mount can be adjustable in height
  • Racing Seat fully reclinable
  • Racing Seat Installed with seat sliders.

Racing Cockpit Frame Pre-drilled for:

  • Logitech G25/G27 Wheel, pedal and Shifter
  • Thrustmaster T500RS, T300RS, TX Ferrari 458 wheel and pedal.
  • Thrustmaster TH8RS & TH8A Shifter
  • Thrustmaster F430 Ferrari Racing Wheel and pedals.
  • Thrustmaster TX Racing Wheel Ferrari 458  Racing wheel and pedals
  • Fanatec Porsche and CSR Wheels.
  • Fanatec Clubsport pedals.
  • Fanatec CSR elite pedals
  • Fanatec Shifter can be installed with the “Fanatec Shifter Brackets”


  • GT Omega ART Cockpit Length: 123cm – 132cm
  • GT Omega  ART Cockpit Width: 55cm (65cm with gear mount installed)
  • GT Omega  ART Cockpit Steering wheel plate height: 55cm up to 70cm
  • Racing Seat heights: 107cm
  • Seat Material: Steel, Synthetic Leather
  • Seat Bracket Material: Alloy Steel
  • GT Omega ART Cockpit Material: Alloy Steel, pedal platform MDF board.
  • Total Gross Weight: 39kg


What comes in the box:

  • GT Omega ART Racing Chassis Frame
  • High Quality synthetic leather racing seat. (Fully reclinable with seat sliders)
  • Gear Shifter Mount
  • Assembly tools.


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