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Inside Sim Racing – Racing RUF Test Drive at Daytona.

Inside Sim Racing


Yesterday iRacing released three versions of the RUF RT-12. Because licensing a Porsche is a big problem within the Sim scene, the RUF build modified Porsches are the closest possible licence opportunity.

Darin and Shaun have a look and talk about the RUF cars and do a few laps at the Daytona Road track, and the newly released Auto Club Speedway. This track comes in 3 different layout with an oval and 2 different road circuits. Darin and Shaun are using the new Thrustmaster TX Racing wheel with the Ferrari GTE add on wheel mounted.

Even after being released for only one day, lots of iRacing members report that this might just be their new favourite weapon of choice. It also seems to win the price of best Simulated Porsche sound up and till now.


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