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Inside Sim Racing – Simulaje Quick Release for Logitech G25 & G27 and SRW-S1

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Simulaje Quick Release for Logitech G25 & G27  and SRW-S1

Darin Gangi and Jason Dunnington of Inside Sim Racing are reviewing the Simulaje Quick release by Juan Zapata for the G25 and G27 and the SteelSeries SimRaceWay SRW-S1 Formula rim.

The System consists of 5 pieces made of duralumin, which, are anchored in the body of the G25/G27.  The Quick Release is equipped with a 15-pin connection, used to maintain the functionality of The G25/G27. Apart from these connections, it also allows up to two extra USB devices to be connected.  This can only be done by mounting the necessary cables inside the steering wheel hub of the G25 or G27.

The SteelSeries SimRaceWay SRW-S1 is originaly a  Motion sensing wheel. Meaning you hold the wheel in the air while it operates using accelerometers to sense how you turn the wheel. In a Sim Racing environment this is far from ideal, and can’t be a little cumbersome to use in longer races. The Simulaje Quick release gives you the opportunity to mount the wheel to a G25/27 base unit, turning it into a usable add-on rim.

You can find more info about the Quick Release at the simulaje webpage.

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