Introducing the EXSIM VR5 Motion Racing Simulator

Introducing the EXSIM VR5 Motion Racing Simulator


Introducing the EXSIM VR5 Motion Racing Simulator

Lately, the sim racing world is booming. With the ever more powerful PC systems and the available specialized hardware, racing simulations have reached the level at which they become powerful and effective training tools for the real world racing scene. Also, the home use and entertainment side of the sim scene has grown up. This has created a rapidly growing market for high-end sim racing hardware.

The pinnacle of a sim racing setup is the full motion racing rig. Combined with a Virtual Reality headset the modern racing rig can provide you with the thrills of a track day in the comfort of your own room. The last few years, we have seen a selection of new impressive motion racing simulators by various companies hit the market, and more are on the way.

One of these companies is the British EXSIM UK. They are experts in Interactive Events, Digital Event Services, and Simulator Hire, but will also market their a spectacular new VR5 racing simulator that will be launched during this weekend’s Spanish Formula One GP.

The VTR5 is a purpose built racing cockpit that combines the virtual reality solutions with a full motion simulation. After two years of design, development, and testing the EXSIM team is confident that they now can offer the most realistic feel and visual design available in the world of racing simulator hardware. To emulate the real feel of a racing track, the EXSIM VR5 Motion rig makes use of some super-fast actuators to transmit the motion to the driver. The rig allows 5 degrees of travel and features a rear end traction loss system.

If you have questions or need more info regarding the EXSIm VR5 motion rig, you can contact them on their official webpage.

EXSIM VR5 Features:

Build for VR

The VR5 racing simulator was built from the ground up with VR in mind. Plug in and immerse yourself with the perfect view point.

Full-On Motion

A unique 5 DOF system with Progressive Yaw™ is used to simulate all the movement and motion of the car on track.

Ready-Race Parts

We use genuine FIA-specification parts for perfect synergy between your real racing experiences and training simulator.

Total Control

We have tested and tweaked the most realistic driving controls and pedals to give you our own customized control surfaces offering unparalleled realism.

Maximum Immersion

We offer tactile transducers so you feel every Curb and a seat belt tensioning system so that braking is as realistic in the simulator as it is on track.

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