Introducing the FormulaVR Open Wheeler monocoque


Introducing the FormulaVR Open Wheeler Monocoque

Every so often, an interesting new hardware project arrives on the scene. While we see a lot of racing rigs, steering wheels, pedal sets and telemetry hardware appear, a full blown quality built open wheeler monocoque is rather rare.

Back in June 2014, Englishman Richard Fox Dutchman Lennart Vissers introduced their FormulaVR project. Richard brings over 20 years of experience in design as an Automotive Clay Modeller and has first-hand experience in the F1 and World Sports Car paddocks while Lennart is an Automotive Designer and brings over 10 years of design experience, together with a long history in karting, and sim-racing.

Now after three years of hard work and an endless string of testing sessions, they are proud to announce that the F-VR1 Racing simulator cockpit is ready for the market. The beautifully crafted F-VR1 does not only look amazing, but it also uses the best possible parts and suppliers to obtain the highest achievable build quality.

The FormulaVR is available in 3 versions.  The entry level F-VR3, mid-range F-VR2, and the flagship F-VR1.

Formula F-VR3

  • F-VR monocoque
  • F-VR Easy entry steering system
  • SA Belt Formula racing harness
  • Fanatec CSW-V2.5 + Carbon formula wheel
  • Fanatec ClubSport Pedals V3
  • Level1 PC system
  • Oculus Rift CV1 + Oculus sensor integration
  • Choose your color (1 solid color= standard)

Price: € 20.590,- (ex VAT)

Formula F-VR2

  • ll the features of F-VR3
  • VR-TrackVibe™
  • Heusinkveld Pro pedal upgrade
  • Level2 PC system

Price: € 25.799,- (ex VAT)

 Formula F-VR1

  • All the features from F-VR2
  • VR-FullMotion™
  • VR-TractionLoss™
  • VR-BeltForce™
  • Heusinkveld Ultimate pedal upgrade
  • Level3 PC system

Price: €  33.299,- (ex VAT)

The FormulaVR racing simulators are handmade and are only available on order. You are able to personalize your monocoque with a choice of colors and liveries.

Even more options:

  • SimSteering Direct drive wheel – best option for professional users
  • Commercial use package – best option for SimRooms
  • Triple screen setups
  • Full projection screen setups

For more info, specific requests, or purchase, you can contact FormulaVR Simulators by using their dedicated contact page.


The F-VR1 is a unique and stylish full motion simulator aimed for professional home use. Just like the F-VR2 and F-VR3 its a hand made and custom build race simulator. Its designed and engineered in-house specifically for formula style race cars.

One of many unique features of the F-VR range is that it allows a wide variety of postures while offering them all the same single seater racing experience. Besides a quick release on the formula steering wheel, it has a premium ForceFeedBack base that can be moved out of the cockpit aperture to allow maximum entry and exit if required.  Adding to these wide ergonomic settings is the fully customizable formula style pedal box that can be adjusted in length just like a real formula1 race car.

VR-FullMotion System

  • The F-VR1 full motion simulator features 3 ultra fast actuators (3 dof) that replicates all road surface details and bumps from the laser-scanned race tracks from all over the world, VR-FullMotion™ System
  • The F-VR1 full motion simulator also features our unique VR-TractionLoss™ oversteer system for even more detailed handling feedback.
  • * 3 Degrees Of Freedom

VR-TractionLoss System

  • The F-VR1 full motion simulator features a unique in-house development that replicates the loss of traction during harsh acceleration or oversteer moments; VR-TractionLoss.
  • The F-VR handmade monocoque is moved sideways by an ultra fast actuator allowing the driver’s senses to respond more quickly to this situation, resulting in a better chance to keep the single seater on the track and improve his response time.

VR-BeltForce System

  • The F-VR1 motion simulator is, as standard, equipped with our unique VR-BeltForce system.
  • During hard braking, the belts put pressure onto the driver’s body replicating G-forces generated during braking in a real Formula car.

F-VR Easy Entry Monocoque

The F-VR simulators are all equipped with an easy entry steering system. By rotating it out of the cockpit area a larger opening is created allowing for easy entry and exit. The super robust and strong steering mounting system is also capable of mounting Direct Drive steering systems like Leo Bodnar’s Simsteering.

VR-TrackVibe & Images

  • The F-VR1 and F-VR2 are equipped with an advanced VR-TrackVibe system to replicate even the finest vibration in the car. Vibrations of the 4 wheels and engine are being transferred into the monocoque to literally feel the tarmac and being able to quickly respond to it.
  • F-VR simulators can be equipped with 3 large 144Mhz screens, Large 150º beamer projection screen or with Virtual Reality (VR) Oculus Rift or HTC Vive.
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