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Introducing the ImSim Motion Simulator

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Introducing the ImSim Motion Simulator

Here at Bsimracing, we always love to introduce new or interesting Sim Racing hardware products to the masses. One of the beauties that recently caught our eye is the “ready to race” ImSim Motion Simulator.

The Portuguese ImSim company developed a 3DOF motion simulator that is not only very functional but when it comes to Style, is also a feast for the eyes. In their own words, motion simulator aesthetics should reflect its purpose. In our humble opinion, they succeeded in that task, as the patented InSim rig design is a visual work of art.

Technically, the simulator contains 3 actuators which generate 3 Degrees of motion. (up to Up to 11º of Pitch and 33.6º of Roll, and 10.6º of YAW to simulate traction loss.)

The rig was designed with excellent ergonomics in mind. To suit your personal perfect driving position, all major components such as the steering wheel, pedals, handbrake, and shifter are fully adjustable. To further enhance the adjustability, ImSim also provides a choice of different racing seat sizes.

In order to control the various aspects of the motion platform, ImSim developed their own motion software which lets you dial in some personal profiles to suit your own needs. Currently, the software supports racing titles such as iRacing, Assetto Corsa, Project CARS, rFactor 2, Live for Speed, RaceRoom, F1 2016, Dirt Rally, Grid, and Need for Speed. More support updates will be deployed as new titles appear.

ImSim Motion Simulator Sideview

The ImSim Motion Simulator is available in different colors such as Black, Silver, Red, and Blue.

For pricing and availability, contact ImSim via their official web page.

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3046-656 Coimbra

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