Introducing the OverPower Formula Sim Racing Chassis

Introducing the OverPower Formula Sim Racing Chassis

OverPower Olli

Introducing the OverPower Formula Sim Racing Chassis

For many community members out there, the name Olli Pahkala does not need an introduction. Olli is a Finnish veteran sim racer and is a key member of the renowned Team Redline sim racing outfit. Besides having won a multitude of international Pro sim racing events, and championships, Olli is also the founder of the Finnish Sim Racing Federation

Recently, Olli Pahkala founded OverPower, which is a company manufacturing Sim Racing esports peripherals based in the city of Rovaniemi situated in Finland’s northernmost province, Lapland.

OverPower aims to produce cost-efficient future-proof esports hardware with superior performance, quality, and aesthetics, at a competitive price. The OverPower products are developed and manufactured inhouse.

Now OverPower introduces its main product, in the form of the OP Formula Sim Racing chassis. The OP Formula chassis is the result of years of experience and development leading to a very ergonomic, and aesthetic sim racing cockpit ecosystem solution for the international consumer and professional market.




The OverPower Formula Sim Racing chassis is available via the online OverPower shop for €899.00 Tax included + Shipping.

The package includes the OP Front Assembly, OP Formula Seat, OP Steering Wheel Rack, and OP Pedal Rack. OverPower offers a full manufacturer’s warranty for two years.


Customers will receive their shipment in three packages:

  • OP Front Assembly:- Size: 70x141x8,5cm – Weight: 30kg
  • OP Formula Seat:  Size: 70x141x8,5cm – Weight: 23,5kg
  • OP Formula Steering Wheel Rack & Pedal Rack: Size: 38x50x10cm – Weight: 11kg


OverPower Optional features:

  • OP Single Monitor Mount  – €129.00 including Tax + Shipping
  • OP Triple Monitor Mount  –  €299.00 including Tax + Shipping
  • OP Shifter & Handbrake Mount Set  –  €199.00 including Tax + Shipping
  • OP Electric Pedal Adjuster  –  €99.00€ including Tax + Shipping
  • OP Child Seat  –  €124.00€ including Tax + Shipping
  • Visual customizations, to give your rig a personal touch, or for branding/advertising purposes. (Contact OverPower for more details)


OverPower Formula Rig

OP Formula Sim Rig

The OP Formula is designed with premium materials and it supports the most advanced sim racing peripherals on the market. The artisan-class aesthetics along with our customizable color schemes complement the decor of every household, and the posture improving ergonomics boosts your performance through the toughest races. Complete the package with OP accessories that deliver outstanding performance and compatibility for principal peripherals like handbrakes and shifters.


A thick neoprene cushion serves as an ergonomic elastic base. The adjustable lumbar support increases ergonomics and improves posture – it especially makes a difference in high-load braking situations. The nine 2020-aluminum profiles and the PE300-base under the seat guarantee excellent performance and a sturdy platform for your body. The seat’s six adjustment slots allow every driver to create their uniquely own seating position. The adjustment levers in the slots make fine-tuning ergonomics quick and easy. The seat’s oak handles aid jumping in and out of the simulator.

Frontal Assembly

The 12mm thick HPL side components provide enduring performance and aesthetics for years. The vertical support component inside the front assembly minimizes horizontal vibration and resonance. The 3060- & 3090-aluminum extrusion profiles stabilize the frontal assembly and enhance adjustability. The adjustable calf rack with neoprene cushion reduces leg strains and increases your driving performance and stamina – especially in endurance races.

Steering Rack

The full aluminum wheel plate in matt black powder-coated finish has a beautiful appearance and superb performance, and it supports the most advanced wheelbases on the market. The 3030-arc profiles combined with four 110mm height adjustment slots and hand levers offer excellent adjustability. The height adjustment of the rack also supports open-wheel and GT seating position installations.

Pedal Rack

Long, linear guides with sturdy slide blocks provide practical distance adjustment for the pedal rack, while still maintaining excellent performance. The full aluminum pedal plate in matt black powder-coated finish along with wide horizontal adjustment slots provide a rigid base and superb adjustability for major pedal sets on the market. The side plates of the pedal rack with height adjustment slots allow pedal placement in high (open-wheel) or low (GT/Rally) configuration together with a wide tilt adjustment scale.


OP Formula Sim Rig Front  OP Formula Sim Rig Rear



  • Made in Finland
  • Designed for sim racing
  • 30mm thick neoprene cushion
  • Fulfill the functionality of OP Formula with a variety of accessories
  • Full support for the major sim racing peripherals
  • Premium materials
    • 12/15mm High-Pressure Laminate
    • 2020/3030/3060/3090 aluminum extrusion profiles
    • Custom 10mm aluminum wheel and pedal plates
  • Four different color variations
  • Designed and tested with the most advanced sim racing peripherals on the market
  • Applicable for users of the height of 150-220cm
    • With the optional Child Seat, the OP Formula is applicable for users with the height of 100-150cm
  • Highly adjustable pedal position
  • Adjustable calf rest
  • Adjustable steering rack
  • Adjustable head, shoulder, and lumbar support


Adjustable Stability


  • Thigh angle: 4,5 degrees (15mm slot)
  • Backrest angle: 8 degrees
  • Lumbar support: 50mm

Steering rack:

  • Distance: 22,5cm
  • Angle: 38 degrees
  • Height:11cm

Pedal rack:

  • Distance with calf rack: 37,5cm
    • Without calf rack: 44,5cm
  • Height: 25cm
  • Angle: 50 degrees


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