Introducing The Viper Simulator – A Colab Between Megasim And Sim-Motion


Introducing The Megasim Viper Simulator – A Colab Between MegaSim And Sim-Motion

The German Sim-Motion GmbH and the Italian MegaSim brands have combined their forces to produce the rather good looking 3-DOF Viper Simulator chassis.

Sim-Motion is a manufacturer of high-grade motion actuators while Megasim is the force behind the cockpit. Combining the products of both brands has resulted in a visually pleasing and very robust motion simulator chassis, with a compact footprint.

The Megasim Viper driving simulator is aimed at both the events market and private customers. The MegaSim Viper is a 3-DOF motion system featuring Roll, Pitch, and Heave movements via the use of 3 Sim-Motion actuators which move the entire chassis. Each actuator is able to lift up to 150 kg with a maximum speed of 250 mm/s.

The actuators kit used on the Viper is similar to the Sim-Motion SM80 kit and boosts similar performance. However, the development teams have recently added tactile feedback through all actuators to add another layer of immersion. The vibration effects can be dialed in to represent RPMs and dozens of other effects.

The Viper Motion Simulator will soon be available for preorder for 8.325,00 € Incl. VAT. + shipping. For more detailed info you can Nicola Cocchi via

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  • Frame
  • SM80 Actuator Kit with 3 actuators
  • SimTools Professional License
  • Side Seat Brackets
  • Bottom Seat Bracket
  • Logitech/Thrustmaster Wheels Bracket
  • Fanatec Wheels Bracket
  • Universal Pedal Set Bracket
  • OMP Sliders
  • Plastic Guard Caps
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Decals
  • Rubber Feet Add-on
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