iRacing 2014 fan Trailer ( by Alexander Horn)

iRacing 2014

iRacing 2014 Fan Trailer (by Alexander Horn)

Up and till last year it used to be fashionable for Sim Racing video creators to release cinematic fan trailers of their favorite simulator titles. Community members such as StabiZ, JonZ and BSNismo turned the Sim Platform Trailer Video into an art. Some of these video productions were so good they actually made you want to do a few laps after watching them.

Sadly, the last few months we have seen little or no cinematic video trailers appear. Lately, the video platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo are stuffed with a massive amount of comparison videos and the so-called ” hey, look at me drive” productions. While we are sure that there will be people out there enjoying them, it does make us wonder how many of those ” Me in car X at track Y” recordings you can watch before they put you to sleep.

That said, now and then we come across a showcase fan video that makes us want to watch it to the very end. One of these is the latest video by Alexander Horn who created an iRacing trailer in honor of the iRacing 2014 Online Racing season.  Enjoy.

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