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iRacing – 2014 Saison 1 build release date revealed. – Daytona 2.4 update.



Iracing´s Steve Myers just reported that the new 2014 Saison 1 Build of the Simulator will be released on Monday 27/01/2014. This is good news for those who want to take part in the iRacing Daytona 2.4 hours that will be run on 24/01/2014 to 26/01/2014.  Deploying an update just before the 2.4 would not have been a good idea.


Testing and tuning on the new build is going very well but in an effort to put the final touches on it AND get the 2.4 race off this weekend we are going to tentatively shoot to deploy the new build on Monday.

One change I have to make is to swap out the C-Spec car with the track car. We needed the build to go out to change the gearing of the car to be able to run in the 2.4. So as a compromise we will use the track version of the car in the 2.4.

Qualifying sessions will launch today.

Steve Myers.

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