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iRacing Basic Training: Pit Strategy & Car Setup. Chap. 7

Pit Strategy & Car Setup

iRacing Basic Training: Pit Strategy & Car Setup

Its time for chapter 7 of the iRacing¬†“Pit Strategy & Car Setup”. If you are ready to¬†pick up a few tips about strategy and preparation before a race, make sure to watch this video. There are many things you can learn before entering a race session. Some might even prove crucial if you want to finish. In order to have a good and solid race, and more importantly reach the finish line, you will have to find out how many laps there are in the race and how much fuel you will need to the checkered flag. Also ask yourselves if the race requires pit strategy¬†or not.

You can even do some extra preparation by trying to find out if the car handling is changing true out the run, and how the car behaves when the tires start to wear. A big part of preparation is done in the setup garage. If you are not comfortable making changes to the setup, it’s always a good idea to check the iRacing forums for setups shared¬†by fellow iRacers. A setup thhat works for a fellow iRacer might not suit¬†you a 100%, but it would at least provide you with a better base and more¬†competitive setup. Then again, starting with the iRacing base setups that are included with a car , might also do the trick. Getting used to a car is pretty important. So make sure you practise before you jump in a race. You will be amazed how much better a car can feel after you accustomed yourself to the grip and feel of a car. Try it. just watch those lap times go down. Just keep in mind that it’s not just speed that will grant you a win. There are many variables that influence the final outcome of a race.

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