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iRacing BMW Z4 GT3… Radicals Style (Video by StabiZ)

iRacing BMW Z4 GT3

iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 Radicals Style

Its weekend once more, and whenever possible we take the opportunity to post a new StabiZ video. A while ago the BMW Z4 GT3 joined the iRacing GT Challenge. The famous german GT racer did not mis its debut. From the first minute the car has become as popular as the RUF. And that says a lot. Next to a perfect laser scanned model of the car the sounds are close to perfect. With the distinctive roar and the very recognisable downshift sounds of the real Z4 GT3, the sound developer, gave it is best shot. And ow boy, the sounds are gorgeous. A number of cars also received new pit-limiter sounds. So does the BMW Z4. And we have to say that these are just about the best we ever heard in any simulator to date.

Stabiz is taking the Radicals iRacing BMW Z4 GT3 out for a spin at the Belgian Spa Francorchamps track. In this video the car is wearing the already famous Radicals livery. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the latest iRacing GT Challenge contender. The fantastic music featured in this StabiZ video is… wait a minute.. 100% in-game sounds.

The European BMW Z4 GT3 is built to exact FIA GT3 regulations, but is modified in the United States to compete in the IMSA regulated GTE class. The BMW Z4 GT3 is as a factory customer car that can be purchased by private teams and raced in various series trough out the world. The BMW is powered by a 4.4-litre eight-cylinder engine derived from the BMW M3 GTS, and produces approx. 515 PS (379 kW; 508 bhp), weighting in at 1,190 kilograms.

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iRacing BMW Z4 GT3