iRacing – Circuit Zandvoort 2023 Rescan

iRacing - Circuit Zandvoort 2023 Rescan

The Dutch Zandvoort circuit was one of the very first European tracks released on the iRacing online racing service back in 2010. Back in early 2020, the Zandvoort circuit received a major update to make it ready for the 2021 Dutch Grand Prix.

iRacing re-scanned the Zandvoort Circuit to bring it up to spec with the current version of the real-world track and released it as part of the iRacing 2023 Season 4 build.

Because both versions of the track have significant differences and unique experiences, iRacing decided they will be keeping the historic version of Zandvoort on the service and adding the current-day track to the same package, meaning that anyone who owns or purchases the Zandvoort track for iRacing will get both versions.

Circuit Park Zandvoort is a motorsport race track located in the dunes north of the town of Zandvoort, in the Netherlands, near the North Sea coastline. The track was first used on August 7, 1948, and hosted the first Dutch Grand Prix. The first real Formula One race counting for the World Championship was held in 1955.

In early 2020 the real-world circuit received a major update. After four months of rebuilding, improving, accelerating, and widening, the legendary track was ready for the world of Formula 1. However, due to the ongoing pandemic situation, the Dutch GP at Zandvoort was later on postponed to 2021. 

The old Zandvoort circuit was a very twisty, fast circuit with a lot of elevation changes. It was known for its high-speed corners and overtaking opportunities. The new Zandvoort circuit is still a twisty, fast circuit, but it has been made wider and more modern to meet the safety standards of Formula One. The new circuit also has two banked corners, which are unique for a Formula One track.

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Current-day Zandvoort Circuit Coming to iRacing
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