iRacing – Delta Dashes for iRDDU Presentation

iRacing iRDDU

iRacing – Delta Dashes for iRDDU Presentation

Egil Sandfeld uploaded a video presentation of his upcoming Delta Dashes for the freeware iRDDU by ShedSoft. (iRacing Data Display Unit)

In this video, you can have a look at the Delta Circle, Delta Graph and Delta Timer dashboards in action. For more info check out the provided Delta Dashes Presentation PDF.

iRDDU2 by ShedSoft is the replacement for the original iRacing Data Display Unit. iRDDU enables iRacers to display data from the iRacing API in real time on their own custom dashboards. It was originally designed to be used on USB screens (such as the DisplayLink based USB screens) but will work on any screen that forms part of the Windows desktop so you can utilise spare HDMI or DVI ports or overlay dashes on iRacing itself if you don’t run it full screen.

iRDDU2 supports real-time streaming over a network to any device which can display Motion JPEG meaning you can display dashboards on phones or tablets that support any M-JPEG client such as Firefox, VLC or Safari.

For more info and download check out the Shedsoft webpage. РMore community created Dashes for your iRDDU2

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