iRacing – Derek Speare – New iRDDU Project templates Video.



Derek Speare  – new iRDDU Project template Video.

Two days ago we reported on the Derek Speare IRDDU project, showing a first video.

This is a second video showing the software in action using a different template.

Summary of the Program

The iRacing motorsport racing simulation is a popular and ultra realistic racing simulation with over 35 thousand active members living worldwide.  Simulated PC auto racing is an activity enjoyed by millions of players, and iRacing offers the most realistic auto racing experience found short of actually being on a real life race track.

Unfortunately, it lacks an option which many who enjoy the service would want.  Heretofore, there has existed no option for some users who may want to monitor critical engine and other data on a screen separate from the one(s) displaying the racing which is not pricey or which requires another, external hardware device.  Moreover, some users actually cannot see their gauge displays for the reason that those with multiple screens may not be able to fit into them their car’s virtual dashboard when the most realistic view settings are used.

The iRacing Data Display Unit, iRDDU for short, will give the iRacing enthusiast exactly what is lost under many circumstances…and it’s FREE!  It will function on any monitor, and many sim racing fans have multiple monitors connected to their PC system.

We’re proud to have assembled a team of motivated, enthusiastic and EXPERIECNED programmers who have all the skills needed to make this program a reality.  Our collective sim racing experiences spans many decades.  Our lead developer was very active with creating a very popular program for Grand Prix Legends – iRacing’s progenitor – and his program is even remaining in service with the most loyal GPL fans.

Paul Thurston developed GEM+ for Grand Prix Legends.  GEM+ was used at its height by more than 10,000 users – a time when sim racing started becoming popular and was a program which allowed Grand Prix Legends users virtually unlimited control over their software settings and parameters.  It not only made the title more efficient, but it also gave the fan base a tool with which they could enjoy their racing experience that much more fully.  GEM+ still remains in active service for some – many years later.

Paul’s role as the Executive Developer and lead programmer of the Data Display Unit for iRacing ensures that the program will deliver precisely as promised, and it’s his effort which has brought this project to reality.  Indeed there is no better man for the task.

Derek Speare Designs is a sim racing component manufacturer who has thousands of customers worldwide.  The DSD name is known by many sim racers to deliver quality, value and service unparalleled.  Derek Speare is the Program Facilitator and one of the Corporate Benefactors of the iRDDU effort.  Derek’s dedication to service is unmatched, and all who know him know he delivers.  Derek’s role in the project is not for compensation, and as a Corporate Benefactor, he has pledged his own funds as such to support the development process.

Why Indiegogo?

Indiegogo is an excellent venue for which to generate investment capital and exposure for the iRDDU.  The iRDDU will be freeware, and since programmers must be paid, there is every reason to ask for the community to support the development of it.

4250 USD is required to pay programming staff and to develop the program to reality;
DSD is a proven long term performer with a track record for excellence;
Paul Thurston’s track record speaks for itself
What Does Contributing Do?

Our contributors will receive out gratitude and know that they have made a valuable program a reality.  Those who contribute at various levels will receive certain benefits:

A 10 dollar contribution will earn our love and admiration and allow you to sleep soundly knowing that you will soon be receiving a link to download the iRDDU program AHEAD of the official release;
A 65 dollar contribution will enroll you into the official beta testing program;
For 500 dollars you will become one of our "Corporate Benefactors" and for that we will prominently display your logo on the iRDDU screen so others using the program will know that you support their efforts.
Other Ways You Can Help

Spread the word – tell your friends – tell anyone who likes iRacing that you like the iRacing Data Display Unit!   –