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iRacing – Development Update by Tony Gardner

iRacing - Development Update by Tony Gardner

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iRacing – Development Update by Tony Gardner

iRacing President Tony Gardner has shared a small development update regarding the iRacing online racing simulation. Tony informs us about some of the upcoming features that are scheduled to be added to iRacing in the very near future.

Tony confirms that the DIRT content will not make it to next weeks new build. However, if all goes to plan, we could expect a DIRT content release before the March build. Furthermore, he shares a status update on the new Time-Attack feature that will become part of the iRacing competition model. The Time-Attack feature is close to ready. but will also not make into next week’s build.

On Tuesday, December 6, iRacing will release the 2017 Season 1 Release build. Keep in mind that the iRacing service will shut down during the deployment of the update, but you will be able to load any vehicle and track you have downloaded in single car testing mode.

At the time of writing, iRacing has not yet released the 2017 Season 1 Release changelog. We will keep you posted when more info is made available.

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iRacing President Tony Gardner posted the following:

Good afternoon,

We are excited about the build next week! You will see multiple enhancements and improvements to the simulation and overall service. Right now the plan is to do the usual quarterly software update on December 6th at about 8:00 AM EST.

However I wanted to discuss just a few things that are NOT going to be in build next week and provide a brief update. You will see soon enough what will be in the build next week!


As you probably are aware we are very excited about “dirt” and have heard the same from so many of you. Major pieces of it have been finished for months. There are so many details, facets and challenges to this new form of racing for us graphically and physically. We had many new development challenges to tackle and many new and unique features to develop. I think you will be very impressed with all the work and detail put into this when you get a chance to see it and drive it. However, a few smaller things are still lingering and we want to nail this down to our satisfaction. The small things can make a big difference. We would not expect to release it by year end either with the year winding down and holidays etc. The good news is we feel we are close and are still optimistic to release before the March build. We would do a “mid-season” release if the feature/Dirt was ready. As far as content we have Eldora, Williams Grove and a dirt version of USA Speedway about done and more tracks in the works already. We have 305, 358 and 410 versions of a Dirt Super Late Model. We have a wingless dirt 410 sprint car. We have a winged Sprint Car including 305, 360 and 410 versions. We are putting the cars through our CFD “wind tunnel” to get better aero data, especially for the Winged Sprint car. We also will have dirt versions of our NASCAR truck and a dirt version of the legends car out of the gate. Much more coming and already in the works including global rally cross. Thanks for your patience. It is heart-breaking not to release some of it for year-end with all the work we have put in and being so close but it is the right thing to do.


This new hot-lapping competition/feature we think is going to be a great fun and will be something that almost everyone from rookies/time constrained people to veteran sim-racers will really enjoy. We are also close on this new feature and also would release at a point in time, not necessarily needing to wait until a season end build. We will be doing a video about it soon to give you a better idea of it.


We are also still working on many other things discussed previously like the new damage model, new in-sim UI, web interface, improved and new sounds including working on utilizing XAudio 2, animation and graphics, new forums, physics, incredible content and working on many other things not yet discussed!

Happy Holidays!


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