iRacing Dirt – First look by Inside Sim Racing

iRacing Dirt - First look by Inside Sim Racing

iRacing Dirt – First look by Inside Sim Racing

Today, iRacing released the highly anticipated first part of Dirt related content for the online racing service. This first batch of iRacing Dirt content contains six Dirt cars and 4 new Dirt oval tracks.

Billy Strange and John Sabol from Inside Sim Racing take a first look at some of the new Dirt related cars and tracks and perform a talk & drive. Billy Strange, who has experience driving real world Dirt racing cars provides us with some helpful tips & tricks on how to learn dirt driving.

Part 1 – NASCAR Chevy Silverado at Eldora Speedway

The iRacing Dirt Silverado truck is pretty interesting on dirt, and by interesting we mean not easy. It’s a lot of weight and not a whole lot of grip to get your head around. But if you can get decent at it, the other dirt cars that we’ll feature in later videos will come to you much faster.

Part 2 – Dirt Street Stock at USA International

After tackling the very difficult to drive NASCAR Chevy Silverado truck at Eldora in Part 1, the Dirt Street Stock at USA International is a nice change of pace, living up to it’s base content billing. With big grippy tires and not too much horsepower to get you in trouble, the Dirt Street Stock is certainly more approachable and should make for good racing at the lower license levels.

Part 3 – Limited & Super Late Models at Volusia Speedway

After driving two completely different vehicles in Parts I & II, the Late Model jumps in as another completely unique experience.
The iRacing Dirt Late Model demands ALL THE GAS!!! which makes the Limited a nice option for getting into dirt, being pretty forgiving and allowing for flat footing around Volusia (when the track is fresh and wet).

But things get a whole lot more exciting when you jump up to the Super Late Model, which is seriously fast and needs a bit more respect on the right pedal. But in the case of the Super Late Model, with great horsepower, comes great fun!

Part 4 – 305 & 410 Winged Sprint Cars at Williams Grove

The iRacing Dirt Winged Sprint Car is certainly a different animal to drive – different from any other car on iRacing – but it can be a whole lot of fun once you figure it out. Or at least come close to figuring it out. Helping that process along is the 305 Winged Sprint Car with all the downforce but not too much power to get you into trouble, allowing you to work on keeping the throttle wide open, but dragging the brakes.

The 410 on the other hand….is a beast. You have to be ready to put in some work with the 410 Winged Sprint Car, a car that only likes going really fast, really sideways.
If you can master it, it’s a blast.

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