iRacing – Porsche Mission R Lap At The Hockenheimring

iRacing - 2022 Season 4 (Pre)Release Notes

Tomorrow, iRacing will deploy the 2022 Season 4 build for its online racing service. Alongside the usual list of updates, fixes, and new features, the new build release will also introduce an excellent selection of new content, including iRacing’s first fully electric race car, the Porsche Mission R.

In the latest iRacing promo video, we can climb onboard the new Porsche Mission R for a lap around the Hockenheimring Grand Prix layout.

One of the automotive industry’s premier brands steps into the future with the Porsche Mission R, Porsche’s first all-electric GT racing car and the first-ever electric car to come to iRacing. Designed to match the established Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car in terms of performance, the Mission R is a preview of what the future of customer motorsports will look like as the racing industry continues to evolve with the embrace of electrification efforts.

Generating more than 800 kilowatts of power from its dual electric motors, the car accelerates from 0-100 kilometers per hour (0-60 mph) in under 2.5 seconds. Its fast-charging capabilities allow the car to recharge up to 75% of its battery life in just 15 minutes between races. And in perhaps its most relevant innovation of all to the sim racing world, the Mission R’s self-contained, monocoque-type driver cell can be used outside of the car as a simulator-giving drivers an opportunity to test in the virtual world in the same environment they’ll utilize in the real one.

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