iRacing – Release notes May 30 & Kansas Speedway released.


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One of America’s most modern motorsports facilities is now available on iRacing: Kansas Speedway.

Opened in 2001, Kansas Speedway recently underwent a major revamp that saw progressive banking (17-20°) installed on its 1.5 mile tri-oval, along the addition of a six turn, 2.37 mile road course and a short 0.86-mile road course configuration as well. iRacers can race on both day and night versions of Kansas Speedway.

All the latest mods are incorporated on iRacing’s newest track, which can be yours for $14.95


Release Notes for 30 May, 2013 [2013.05.29.01]


  • – Once a session has launched, you are not allowed to change your registration to the session, with but one exception: you are allowed to initially register for a session as a spectator, then withdraw from the session, then re-register for the session as a driver or a crew member for some team. 
  • However, once your registration as a driver or crew member has been accepted by a session as it launches, or to a session while it is in progress, you are not allowed make changes. Even if you withdraw from the session, you are not allowed to re-register as a driver if you had been a crew member, or vice versa. You are also not allowed to re-register as a crew member for a different driver, if you had already been registered as a crew member for some other driver, or if you had previously been registered as a driver yourself. 
  • – Some fixes have been made to the web site and the race servers to ensure that these restrictions are properly enforced. Prior to these fixes, you could have made some of these disallowed changes and successfully joined the session, even though internally the changes to your registration might have been ignored, leading to confusion as to your role in the session or the team to which you were joining. Now, any disallowed changes to your registration to the session will be prevented by the web site. 
  • – Crew member black boxes no longer flash wildly, and will always show your own team’s information, instead of possibly showing some data for the selected focus car in the replay. 


  • – Fixed the bug where the bridges at Suzuka and Motegi are not casting shadows via PSSMs. 
  • – Fixed a bug that was causing shadow maps to be a little coarser than they should be.



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