iRacing – Renault Clio Cup In-Game Video

iRacing - Renault Clio Cup In-Game Video

After publishing the first in-game screenshots of the upcoming Renault Clio Cup car, iRacing now shared a video showcasing the European cup racer in action.

In the meanwhile iRacing also confirmed that the Clio Cup will become available alongside the 2023 Season 2 build.

The Renault Clio Cup is a one-make racing series managed by Alpine Racing formerly known as Renault Sport. The series was first launched in the United Kingdom in 1991 as a support series for the British Touring Car Championship and has since expanded to other countries around the world.

The Renault Clio Cup cars are based on the Renault Clio road car, but they are extensively modified for racing. They feature a stripped-out interior, a roll cage for safety, racing seats and harnesses, uprated brakes, uprated suspension, a 6-gear sequential gearbox, and a tuned Renault HR13, 4-cylinder, 1330 cm3 Turbo engine that produces around 200 horsepower.

The series is known for its close, competitive racing, with drivers often fighting wheel-to-wheel and pushing each other to the limit. The series attracts a mix of professional and amateur drivers and is seen as a stepping stone for young drivers looking to make a career in motorsport. The Renault Clio Cup has been a popular racing series for many years and has helped to launch the careers of several successful racing drivers, including current Formula One drivers, such as Charles Leclerc and Max Verstappen.

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