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iRacing – RUF RT12R Track edition (Video by Stabiz)


We all know Stabiz produces videos from various simulators. Lately we could enjoy some prime examples he created using Assetto Corsa by Kunos Simulazioni.
However, Stabiz is also a long time iRacing member and can be found on many iRacing tracks doing his laps. Usualie in a custom livery that attracts attention.

The recently released RUF RT12R has encouraged  many members  to drive some more laps as usual. The RUF cars have been received with allot of praise by the community.
Many call it the best iRacing car yet. A car that definitely deserved the Stabiz treatment. So enjoy the RUF RT12R in action at the Bathurst track.

The song is “Walk” by For Your Leisure.


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