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iRacing – The Digital Race Engineer Tool

iRacing - The Digital Race Engineer Tool

iRacing – The Digital Race Engineer Tool

iRacing member Egil Sandfeld presents his Digital Race Engineer tool for the iRacing Online Racing Service.

The Digital Race Engineer or “The DRE” is a Voice Attack plugin for iRacing. The DRE is working in conjunction with iRacing so you can control the simulator with your voice and get vital feedback from your race performance. This advanced iRacing command and feedback system is utilizing the Voice Attack App which is available for $10.00.

The Digital Race Engineer will monitor your racing surroundings and keeps track of all the important racing parameters. The build in virtual crew chief will relay important data and race information, and will respond to your voice commands. This way, you can concentrate on the racing without having to push any buttons, or use key commands. While this is a nice feature in any racing environment, it becomes extremely handy when using a Virtual Reality headset.





The basic version of Digital Race Engineer is free. For $16.83 you can also purchase a License key to unlock the advanced features of the Digital Race Engineer PRO plugin.


Digital Race Engineer PRO vs Free



  • Windows 7+ with English language
  • Voice Attack Full version (not trial) (1.5.9+) Available for $10.00 here
  • Microphone
  • iRacing

Version 1.1 Changelog:

  • Added “No fuel” (noFuel) and “No tires” (noTires) commands, to un-select tires or fuel for the pit stop
  • Added “Change all/front/rear/left/right/front left/front right/rear left/rear right tire/tires”, so you can ask for changing the tires only. Saying “Change left tires” will only change the front left and rear left tires.
  • Added “autoFuel” boolean for Pro version during races, to determine whether or not to automatically add the “fuel fill” amount plus “autoFuelSafetyAmount” (default 5 liters) to the next pitstop. The fuel changes are done with about 5 laps to go in every stint during a race. By default, this function is off, but can be turned on in “iRacing | General Data” -> “Update Variables”.
  • Fixed bug in “Camera next/previous” and “Camera next/previous car”, where camera would change both camera and car at the same time
  • Key binds reset to iRacing default now. Some other key binds had to move due to this.
    • Changes from 1.05 is therefore in following commands (new default key binds in parenthesis):
    • Box down/up/left/right(down,up,left,right),
    • Set okay(space),
    • Voice chat up(shift-d),
    • Voice chat down(shift-x),
    • Take screenshot(Ctrl-Shift-Alt-F12),
    • Spotter volume up(shift-s),
    • Spotter volume down(shift-z),
    • Mute driver(n),
    • FOV up([),
    • FOV down(]),
    • Drive & To pit stall commands (shift-r),
    • Stop engine (i),
    • Start engine (s),
    • Open Camera Tool (Ctrl-F12),
    • Calibrate (;),
    • Toggle TC off(alt-b),
    • Traction control up(alt-t),
    • Traction control down(alt-g).
    • All iRacing default commands here:
  • Added ABS, Throttle Shaping, Fuel Mixture and Engine Power as commands. Say eg. “Increase ABS” or “Fuel Mixture down” to change them 1 click.
  • Fixed Free Version, so it doesn’t screw up when trying to access Pro features and pro variables.
  • Fixed issue with alertRaceCheckeredFlag not giving info using Free version
  • Fixed issue with alertNewLap not giving info using Free version
  • Made classPosition, classPositionInt and classPositionAtStartOfRace available in the free version.
Official Webpage –




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