iRacing Vs PCARS Vs AC – Monza Graphics & Sound (DigiProst)

iRacing Vs PCARS Vs AC – Monza Graphics & Sound (DigiProst)

Community member DigiProst created a new comparison video showing us a lap at the Monza GP circuit in the BMW Z4.  The video shows us side by side footage of the recently released iRacing Monza version and its counterparts by Kunos Simulazioni (AC) and Slightly Mad Studios (Pcars).

There are hundreds of comparison videos out there, and sometimes we do wonder if they have a real purpose. Keep in mind that it is very hard to judge a simulator by comparing them on a compressed youtube video. Assets such as graphics definition, texture quality, reflection quality, framerate issues, physics and force-feedback can not be judged by watching a video recording. Cramming three recordings on a limited resolution video, does not help the cause either.

That said, it is interesting to see that Digiprost switches the audio output during this video recording, making this a very interesting sound comparison and therefore giving us a rough idea of the quality differences. Don’t forget…. sound is 50% of the game immersion factor and is often an underestimated part of a sim title.

For those interested in the hardware specs used for this video.  Digiprost Sim PC:  i7-4770k OC 4.2GHz, Ati R9 290 OC Tri-x 4GB, 8GB G.Killer DDR3 2133.

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