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ISI / rFactor – Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo) passed away

Max Angelo

rFactor – Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo) passed away

Gjon Camaj of Image Space Incorporated has sadly announced that his good friend and long-time ISI/rFactor supporter and community member Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo) has passed away.

Max was a well-known and much-loved contributor of the ISI/rFactor community.

Gjon Camaj quote:

It is with a very sad heart that we must say good bye to Massimo Angiolucci (Max Angelo), a dear friend and true fan of the sport.

I have known Max for over 10 years. He was always a dedicated and devoted tester. He was consistent and diligent, working hard and pouring his talents into the sport he loved. He continuously contributed his time and energy, it’s hard to now believe he will no longer be joining us for a race, or emailing me his observations on some aspect or another.

He lent a hand during testing, created translation files, was an ambassador to the Italian community and worked with us on a few commercial projects.

Max was always easy to talk to. I never worried he would hold anything back and I was always free to tell him what I thought. With me, he was subtle with his disagreements but did not shy away from his convictions.

He was a friend, a colleague and a valued member of our team and the community as a whole. He will be greatly missed. God bless you my friend.

Our condolences go out to the family, and friends of Massimo.

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