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ISR – First look at the Next Level Racing Motion Platform.

Inside Sim Racing -  Next Level Motion Platform

Inside Sim Racing – First look at the Next Level Motion Platform.

Inside Sim Racing’s Darin Gangi takes a first look at the Next Level Racing motion platform distributed by Pagnian Imports.

In this video, Darin checks out the motion rig using Codemasters Dirt Rally and the iRacing simulator. He talks about the design, assembly and supported software. To end this episode, Darin shares his personal initial impressions.

These days Motion simulators are not just reserved for professional and military applications. With an ever growing Sim Racing community, a market for home use has opened up. On the downside, high-end units available today are still a little high priced for the average sim racers pocket.

With their excellent Next Level Racing motion platform, Pagnian Imports tries to fill the gap between the most expensive and budget motion simulators. Besides the attractive price, the product is compact, yet incredibly powerful and easy to assemble.

The Next Level Racing motion platform is available for approximately £1,695.00 / €2342 / US$ 2,799  ( Check the official web page for the most updated and accurate price.) The product comes with a 2-year warranty. For more info, make sure to check out

Next Level Motion Platform  Next Level Motion Platform


  • Smooth and Precise with Up to 4000 motion updates per second sent to controller
  • Responsive and Powerful system that delivers realistic and smooth movement rather than a Rollercoaster ride
  • Beautifully Compact Design meaning it only needs the space of your existing Next Level Cockpit
  • Powerful Actuators with upto 600 Newtons of thrust and push
  • Can Support Up to 150kg users
  • USB plug-in and click and play software with all major racing titles on PC
  • Operates at under 57DB so perfect for home use
  • Quality European Manufacturing
  • Max Angular Displacement for Pitch & Roll : +- 10°
  • Max Speed : 10°/s
  • Max Acceleration : 360°/s2
  • Maximum Vertical Lift : 10cm


  • Power Source – 110-240VAC 50-60HZ
  • Max Power Consumption – 160W
  • Max User Weight – 150 Kg
  • Ambient Temperatures – -20° to +60°C
  • Full Performance Temperatures – +5°C to +35°C
  • Direct Bolt On to All Next Level Simulators
  • Click and Play Software for all major racing titles on PC
Official Webpage –