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ISRTV – ProSimu T1000 3DOF Motion Simulator Talk & Drive Review

This Week Inside Sim Racing - ProSimu T1000 3DOF Motion Simulator Review

ISRTV – ProSimu T1000 3DOF Motion Simulator Talk & Drive Review

Inside Sim Racing’s Mark “Aussie Stig” Puc presents his Talk & Drive review of the ProSimu T1000 3DOF motion simulator. The ProSimu T1000 motion simulator is available in several versions and can be purchased as a 2, 3, 4 or 5 DOF configuration.

In this ISRTV review, we can have a look at the 3DOF version. After assembling the motion rig, Mark goes over the details and straps on his VR headset to find out how far the ProSimu T1000 can stretch the immersion factor.

You can read the full written review at the inside Sim Racing Website. For more info, check out

ProSimu T1000 3DOF Specifacations:

(Source: ISRTV-Mark “Aussie Stig” Puc)

Standard Features

  • 2x SCN6-40-100 actuators – front – 2DOF motion
  • 1x SCN6-20-100 actuator – rear – 1DOF traction loss
  • All electronics required to drive the three actuators
  • 2x power supply
  • All steel construction
  • Lower traction loss 1DOF frame and ball bearing rollers
  • Upper T1000 2DOF motion simulator
  • Adjustable pedal-deck – rake and longitudinally
  • Adjustable wheel-deck – rake, height and longitudinally
  • Adjustable seat mount – rake and height
  • All mounting hardware supplied
  • ProSimU monogrammed rug

Optional Extra Cost Features

  • Shifter mounting bracket
  • OMP racing seat as opposed to the generic folding seat
  • OMP 4 point race harness

General Requirements

  • Three USB 2.0 or 3.0 ports, not for use with a USB hub
  • Powerboard with surge protector (advised but not mandatory)


  • The ProSimu T1000 3DOF motion simulator is competitively priced. I will list the price as it was delivered to me with the chosen extra cost options.
  • The stated prices were correct at the time of publication, October 2016. All prices were taken from the official ProSimu website page. For sales tax, duties and worldwide shipping costs, please consult ProSimu’s website.

ProSimu T1000 3DOF motion simulator as tested:

  • Price: €3178,00 including tax and shipping in Europe

Options included on review simulator:

  • Shifter mounting bracket  = € 49,00
  • OMP racing seat, as opposed to the generic folding seat = Due to its physical size, shipping costs are higher outside of Europe. Please check the site for shipping costs to your country.
  • OMP 4 point race harness = € 90,00

Base model:

  • Price: €2990,00 including tax

DIY Rolling Platform:

  • Price: €100,00 this is for the parts only, construction time not calculated
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