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Jason Jacoby presents his NASCAR Racing Simulator

Jason Jacoby presents his NASCAR Racing Simulator

Jason Jacoby presents his NASCAR Racing Simulator

As with many of us, Jason Jacoby dreamed of being a racing driver. In his particular case, a NASCAR driver. But let’s face it.. for the majority of us, the dream will never become a reality. That is where sim racing comes in.

Allot of sim racers start off with a modest wheel and pedals setup clamped to a desktop. A small percentage of them, (mostly Motorsport fans) soon find out that this hobby goes far beyond the casual online fun race. With the current popularity and the help of affordable technology, sim racing has become a way of life for many of us. As with every hobby out there, things can get out of hand pretty quick. The modest setup can rapidly expand into a fully fledged virtual racing environment.

iRacing member Jason Jacoby is one of those racing enthusiasts taking things a little further. Besides having created his personal in-house NASCAR shrine, he also built himself an awesome simulator rig, mimicking the cockpit of a modern NASCAR racer. While the featured video may start off sounding a little like a DOMINOS commercial, we found it more than worthwhile to share this sim room walk around.

Jason’s sim rig is fitted with a Leo Bodnar SimSteering 2 direct drive wheel using the version 54 motor, HPP PRX SE Pedal set, and a carbon-fiber NASCAR racing seat. Furthermore, Jason has fitted his Bodnar Wheel with an MPI-DP-13 Stockcar rim. He most likely chose this rim because it is the lightest stock car steering wheel on the market, and therefore, perfect for use with a force-feedback system. (Though we think the Bodnar wheel would have no issue running a heavier wheel)

Jason has opted to use the Oculus Rift CV VR headset as a display system. Last but not least, all the featured sim racing peripherals are neatly built into Stockcar bodyshell complete with roll-bars and extended steering column.

Drivers… Start your engines.

 video by Jason Jacoby