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Leo Bodnar SimSteering review video by Sim Racing Garage

SimSteering Review by Sim Racing Garage

Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage posted an extensive review of the Leo Bodnar SimSteering wheel. This unit is not a production line Sim racing wheel, but a high performance steering system for professional use. Designed in 2009 the wheel is already used by various professional drivers and racing training centres.¬†The Bodnar wheel is powered by a high precision and very strong servo motor that produces 16Nm Torque and is known¬†for its very¬†accurate and direct feedback. Many Sim racers who have tried out the SimSteering system reported to have heavy arms after only a short time of using the wheel. So no need for an extra workout session when you own one of these baby’s.

While the wheel is all build up out of industrial grade materials, connection to your PC is fairly straight forward. The unit is connected by a normal USB connector and is detected as a Generic Windows gaming device and therefore needs no plugins or drivers to be installed. The SimSteering wheel is build up as a modular system that allows you to connect various real world Motorsports steering wheels to the base unit. Leo Bodnar can also supply an in-house range of simulator steering wheels made by Precision Sim Engineering. All the electronic connections to the wheel are connected straight to the PC and are not connected to the SimSteering unit in any way. The same rule applies to the pedals who are also treated as separate devices.

Like we stated before, this wheel is custom build¬†for the professional simulation market. Costing a massive¬†¬£2499, that’s ‚ā¨¬†2924,85 or $3823,97 without VAT it is clear that this wheel will not become a mass market product.¬†Then again, the Leo Bodnar fame probably ensures that this is a high quality innovative Sim Racing product worth its money.

In this 4¬†part review, Barry¬†Rowland from Sim Racing Garage¬†takes an in-depth look at what is known as the most talked about Sim Racing wheel available. So let’s find out how good it stacks up against some of the other wheels out there. ¬†Barry did such a good job, that this is probably the only review of the Bodnar wheel you will ever have to watch.¬†

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Leo Bodnar SimSteering System


  • 16nm peak torque
  • 10,000 PPR Encoder
  • 20,000Hz internal update rate
  • Used by professional driver training centres and race teams since 2010
  • Powered by mains 100 ‚Äď 240 VAC
  • Works on every sim race game we‚Äôve tested including, rFactor 1&2, iRacing, DiRT 1,2&3, F1 2010,2011,2012, P. C.A.R.S, Assetto Corsa, all SimBin titles plus many more.

Kit Components

  • SimSteering Control Box
  • High precision and strength servo motor
  • Desktop Mounting Bracket
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Shaft Clamp Adaptor (with 70mm & 50.8mm bolt patterns)
  • GT Steering Wheel
  • 2m motor cables
  • 3m USB Cable
  • Choice of UK, US or EU power Cable
  • Manual
  • Config software