Live for Speed S3 – Version 0.7E Changelog Video

The Live for Speed racing simulator is 20 years old, but still going strong. The small 3-man dev team just released version 0.7E and the LFS Editor.

The main focus of this update was the mods system, allowing creators more flexibility and improving the modeler and vehicle editor. There are various improvements to the HUD, including an engine damage display. Dashboards were an important part of the development, now allowing much more flexibility, and mod designers have been making great use of the new features including customized backgrounds and various options for the dials, text, and warning lights.

A separate new version is still in development and it features night driving on updated tracks, so the lights needed an update and that has now been done. Popup headlights are now supported, along with options for various types of moving subobjects that mod creators have been using to get creative.

Motorbikes came along a lot, after making it possible for AI to enter the game with objects and bikes. The bikes had so many crashes and pileups that the AI soon became a focus of its own. Now there are a lot of improvements in their overtaking code. They think ahead more clearly and make better decisions about whether it is a good time to pass.

Some small graphical updates were done other than the improved mod support. Dust kicked up from grass is now a more realistic dirt color and takes account of the lighting at its location. On multiplayer servers, the maximum number of connections is increased to 79, for an additional charge. For now, the number of vehicles on track is still limited to 40.

Check out the full changelog below for all the details.

Changelog 0.7D to 0.7E:


New display in F9 / F10 views shows estimated laps given fuel use
Engine health (with color code) is displayed in F9 / F10 views
F9 / F10 extra displays are now switchable (Options – Display)
Speedo and tacho are moved UP if required for extra displays
CT display now uses dot matrix font if translation allows it
New +/- buttons to adjust the size of the text in the connections list
Pedals are now shown to the left of the list of connections
Connections list can have a scroll bar (use mouse / PgUp / PgDn)
A small map is now displayed at Layout Square if there is a layout
Simple versions of F11 / F12 views are now available during an SPR
Four-character mod names are shown in the results table instead of MOD
A force feedback display is shown below the pedals (bottom right)
FIX: AI skill level always used Latin codepage in F11/F12 menus


New icon for LFS.exe includes a 256×256 icon image
Updated translations – thanks to our volunteer translators
A message shows the name of any mod that can’t be loaded in an SPR
F key /commands are processed immediately (not added to text dialog)
FIX: Crash when two events on the calendar use same event image
FIX: Calendar time could be wrong near the start of daylight saving
FIX: Mouse wheel gearshifts are now equivalent to 100ms keypress
FIX: Various text commands such as /spec now disabled in replays
FIX: Korean IME – last character would be lost on pressing enter
FIX: Small camera movement on releasing LMB after 2-button rotation
FIX: Chat text in mods screen is now in front of the interface buttons
FIX: User names that start with ‘.’ are now correctly displayed in chat
FIX: Crash if /track command was used while generating AI path info
FIX: /setlap command error if name colored and number 4 chars long
FIX: Replays auto-named with special characters could appear wrong

Garage screen:

Driver/fuel buttons in garage are now only shown if relevant
Speed at redline is displayed beside each gear ratio in the setup
The Downforce tab is now shown for all vehicles
– previously was only for those with adjustable wings
– shows an estimated maximum speed based on wind resistance
– note: the estimate does not consider rolling resistance
Click Skin ID in the garage colors tab to copy ID to the clipboard
Hold CTRL in Garage: Mods button becomes Test (direct to Test mode)
Opening the mods screen is prevented if a rating request is in progress
FIX: Engine brake reduction had no effect for EV but was visible


The maximum number of objects in a layout increased to 3000
Auto gear shift: downshifts are now done at slightly lower rpm
Possible to reset if an approaching vehicle is moving slowly enough
Reset is now possible during a pit stop if the state is “finished”
Speed limiter (at 80 km/h) can be manually enabled if no pit lane
FIX: Auto shift *up* did not work if max power rpm above redline
FIX: Driver swap enabled very high-speed limiter if no pit lane


An EV charge/discharge power bar in place of the clutch bar
– only visible if Options – View – Show pedals is enabled

A new “Cleanup” mode in the mods screen
– you can select to keep the latest mods and test mods
– there is not yet a feature to keep replay mods

New options are set per vehicle instead of by race class
New “hub” subobject that moves and rotates with a wheel
Support for new pit speed limiter flashing light option
One-wheel drive and no anti-roll if wheels are staggered
New features for mods including wheel and passenger positions
Support for new rim styles and different wheels front and rear
FIX: Mod with 27 character name appeared in mods screen Test mode
FIX: Crash if the mod had more than 64 materials


The engine damage light on the dashboard is now available if set in the editor
Support for new dashboard lights/symbols: sidelights and neutral
Support for new speedo and tacho style options (see editor notes)
Support for dashboard backing texture system, text colors, opacity
Can also set the background color without supplying a backing texture
New needle pivot texture works better on light-coloured dashboards
Dashboard brightness should now be the same as in the editor
– this update also affects the RB4 and MRT5 (recently updated)
FIX: Text size on the dashboard more closely matches the text in editor
FIX: The brightness of multi multi-function display now matches the editor


Sidelights, and low and high-beam headlights are now supported
Fog lights are now functional if enabled by the mod creator
Text command /light (requires two parameters) to switch lights:
/light ind [off/left/right/all] – switch indicators/hazard lights
/light head [off/side/low/high/low_off/low_high/next/prev] – lights
/light [rfog/ffog/extra] [off/on/toggle] – switch fog/extra lights
/light all [off/on] – switch all switchable lights off/on at once
Key ‘3’ now toggles between off & low beam like /light head low_off
SHIFT+3 goes through all headlight states like /light head next
Virtual gauges show sidelights / low beam / high beam symbol

Moving subobjects:

Lights now work on subobjects (e.g. bike handlebars)
Popup headlights are also supported (examples XRG and XRT)
Popup headlight system generalized for moving objects with switches
Light/horn switches work even if the car does not have that feature


The new steering model improves handling and braking ability
– Feet-down steering model up to 7 km/h
– Low-speed model only from 7 km/h to 18 km/h
– Interpolated model from 18 km/h to 36 km/h
– High-speed model only above 36 km/h
Increased maximum value for brakes, suspension stiffness, damping
FIX: Fork tubes misaligned if ride height adjusted in other setups
FIX: Weight distribution was wrong if any trail reduction was set
FIX: Wheel masses not correctly positioned for trail reduction

AI vehicle control:

Improved braking prediction so less running wide at corners
– considers brake balance (which is not ideal for every corner)
– can result in better lap times due to improved line-following
AI braking prediction now takes account of engine braking
AI can now ride motorbikes (a bit slowly due to safety margin)
AI will drive more gently when off-track on a bad surface
Bikes slow to avoid taking off over large humps in the road
Avoid unnecessary downshifts by looking ahead to see if needed
FIX: Sometimes could reach a maximum speed and stop accelerating

AI misc:

Distance to vehicle considered dangerous now depends on the length
Distance to vehicle considered safe is reduced at low speed
– should prevent long vehicles from hitting the brakes on green light
– gaps between vehicles may be smaller when speed is below 20 m/s
AI can enter configs with no path (but will not drive)
AI can now enter the game with an object (to just sit there)
Better collision avoidance when close behind or beside others
Reset is now possible after the engine switched off after a long wait
Message history is no longer enabled for AI path generation
FIX: AI can now reset if in contact with a stationary vehicle
FIX: Errors in fuel calculation related to “Refuelling allowed”
FIX: It was possible for the fuel calculation to report 0 stints
FIX: A hang generating path for a mod with “Max up” wrongly set

AI overtaking:

Various improvements to improve the overtaking decisions
Overtakes are considered on a group instead of individuals
A better estimate of the possibility and duration of a pass
Pass decision from low speed now allows for acceleration
When planning a pass time is allowed to pull in after the pass
More distant consideration of other vehicles at high speed
There should be fewer dangerous overtakes in braking zones
FIX: AI could get pointlessly stuck behind a slower vehicle

AI in pit lane:

Improved driving in pit lane when close behind other drivers
Avoid excessive downshifting when approaching the speed limit zone
Approx 1-second safety margin entering pit lane to avoid speeding
Target speed 1 km/h slower in pit lane to avoid speeding by mistake
– was possible for a powerful car to overspeed shifting 1st to 2nd
Use a speed limiter or throttle to avoid wheelspins causing speeding
Smoother transitions switching between the main path and pit lane path
FIX: Slow start / stuck in pit stop if max torque at very low rpm
FIX: Some mods would brake too gently and miss the pit stop point
FIX: The choice of pit stop box was wrong (bug introduced in 0.7B)
FIX: Can now reset at the end of a pit stop (e.g. fallen bike)
FIX: AI would reverse assuming “stuck” during the stop-go penalty
FIX: Some mods would overshoot their pit garage when parking

Regional downloading system:

We now have 3 download locations for mods (NL/JP/US)
Faster downloads if you are in N/S America or Asia/Oceania
Locations in Asia and Oceania will download mods from Japan
Locations in North and South America will download from the USA
Download redirection is handled automatically by our server
Regional downloads can be disabled by a new Misc Option
Yellow redirect message is shown the first time you are redirected


Dust colour on grass and dirt tracks now uses a dirt color
– previously used average colour of surface which looked odd
– smoke and dust acquire lighting colour from car’s location
Small indicators on the side of XRG/XRT/FXO/LX4/LX6/RAC/FZ5 now flash
Moving subobjects and internal mirrors are excluded from forces view
Vehicles are no longer fully regenerated on every mirror adjustment
Removed wheel LOD reduction that was related to the angle of view
Tyre manufacturer now appears at the top of tyre after reset
FIX: Lighting of subobjects and wheels was as if at the vehicle centre
FIX: Mudguard/handlebar / trailing arm subobject could disappear


Improved bike physics (affects lean angle and tyre forces)
Pit speed limiter now based on drive speed instead of world speed
– prevents wheelspins (e.g. at RO) from pushing the car over the speed limit
FIX: Narrow cars were sucked in when near a fence or narrow barrier


V16 engine is now available and some classes allow larger engines
New firing order for I5, V6, flat-8 and V10 engines (affects sound)
FIX: The V12 engine firing order was wrong causing poor sound quality


Tone variation is limited to 0.99 to prevent an engine sound bug
Switched off experimental “Prevent clipping” option by default


Maximum possible connections increased to 79
– there will be a higher charge for 79 connections
– free hosts are still limited to 47 connections
– The maximum cars in the race has not been increased

The improved setting of tyre state after receiving a position packet
– the previous location of tyre contact is better estimated (for forces)
– most noticeable when viewed car had not been on screen for a while
– e.g. after tabbing to another car or fast-forwarding a replay

Misc option “Full physics for remote cars” is enabled by default
– low res physics previously used for cars other than the 4 nearest
– option approximately doubles CPU usage by physics in multiplayer
– could cause issues at turn 1 with many cars depending on PC power
– use profiler display to check CPU usage with the option enabled
– see profiler by pressing the car icon then P in Misc/Graphics options

Engine damage repair in pit stop
– yellow counts as minor damage (6 seconds)
– red counts as major damage (12 seconds)

Team arrow colors on small map are now enabled by a host option
– arrows on the non-race small map take color of first name character
– option is not yet available but is coded as /teamarrows=no/yes

Cancel button and ESC key to cancel the process of joining a host
– the currently downloading skin or mod is allowed to finish first
Temporary (free) hosts are shown without colors in List of Hosts
Stationary cars can now lag for longer (3 seconds) before vanishing
FIX: LFS could crash if a player left when a mod was not downloaded
FIX: Crash enabling filter in List of Hosts after all were disabled
FIX: Remote car using pit speed limiter did not move smoothly


IS_CPP packet with Time = 0 is instantly processed (not stored)
– allows it to be followed immediately by an IS_CPP with Time > 0
License byte added to IS_NCI packet (after Language byte)
IS_PLH packet sets handicaps for individual players
TINY_PLH – request IS_PLH listing player handicaps
SMALL_LCL – full control of lights including fog and extra lights
FIX: ZByte was not set in IS_OBH packet

Text commands:

Updated document Commands.txt (in docs folder)

/h_mass username X – set added mass for user’s car
/h_tres username X – set restriction for user’s car
/teamarrows=no/yes – arrows on non-race small map use name color
/key command accepts 12 keys described by a word (see Commands.txt)

/status none|F9|F10|F11|F12|next|prev – sets status screen
E.g. /status next will cycle through the F9 to F12 status screens
(you could assign it to a CTRL+ or ALT+ key and then a wheel button)

/liveset and /pitins – do the functions of F11 and F12 menus

You can use the operators:
= (set value)
+= (add to value)
-= (subtract from value)

/pitins ftyre = r3 : change front tyres to R3 in pit stop
/pitins rtyre = super : change rear tyres to road super
/pitins fpressure = 1.1 : set front tyre pressure to 1.1 bar
/pitins fpressure += 0.1 : increase requested pressure by 0.1 bar
/pitins cancel : cancel all pit instructions
/pitins tyres always : change all tyres
/pitins tyres 20 : change tyres if wear > 20%
/liveset bbal 60 : set brake balance to 60%
/liveset rarb -= 0.1 : decrease rear ant-roll bar by 0.1

Available options for /pitins:
fuel, tyres, repair, symmetric
ftyre, fcamber_l, fpressure_l, fcamber_r, fpressure_r, fwing
rtyre, rcamber_l, rpressure_l, rcamber_r, rpressure_r, rwing
cancel, fcamber, fpressure, rcamber, rpressure

/pitins pressure commands can accept unit (psi/bar) (no unit = bar)
E.g. /pitins fpressure 30 psi

Available options for /liveset:
bbal, farb, rarb

Multiple commands on single line:

Multiple commands can now be added on a single line which sometimes
can avoid the need for a script file, e.g. to set a button to
change tyres in pit stop, you could use a double command:
/pitins ftyre super /pitins rtyre super

NOTE: some commands cannot be followed by another command:
/say /echo /join /rcm /pass /msg /altf /ctrlf

Maximum length of command and F key text increased to 95 characters
Wider text display in CTRL+ and ALT+ tabs in controls screen

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