Logitech Introduced The G PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Pedals

Logitech Introduced The G PRO Racing Wheel and PRO Pedals
Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel

During the 2022 Logi PLAY livestream event, Logitech announced its new G PRO racing wheel for the Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. (Windows 10 and up)

Ever since the release of the iconic gear-driven G25 wheel in 2006, Logitech has been repackaging its base design and hardly implemented any noticeable improvements or features. Even with a massive growing sim racing market, the computer peripheral giant did not seem to care or compete with the competition. That has now changed.

The new G PRO racing wheel is indeed a Direct-Drive wheel and Logitech is therefore competing with Fanatec who was until this day the only manufacturer to offer a Direct Drive wheel solution for gaming consoles.

Logitech seems to target the Fanatec marked offering an 11 Nm Direct Drive wheelbase which is somewhat more than the stock 5 Nm Fanatec CSL DD, or its Nm Boost Kit version. The G PRO racing wheel is fitted with a detachable 300mm (11.81 in) diameter round wheel rim. ( At the time of writing it is not yet clear if Logitech plans to offer alternative wheel rims.

Furthermore, the wheel features the Trueforce tactile feedback system that was first introduced on the Logitech G923, the new PRO “thumb sweep” button layout, magnetic gear-shift paddles, and a dual-clutch system. The wheelbase houses rev LEDs and an OLED multifunction display. Interestingly, the user can reconfigure the paddles as throttle and brake, which is a nice feature for those unable to use pedals.


  • Intuitive Wheel Design – Buttons and dials are precisely located in a “thumb sweep” so racers never have to take their hands off the wheel or eyes off the road.
  • Magnetic Gear Shift Paddles – Designed with a magnetic system that uses contactless hall-effect sensors, and additional tactile magnets, resulting in a realistic, mechanical feel that accurately simulates a professional race car, coupled with the durability for millions of gear shifts.
  • Dual Clutch Paddles – Analog paddles deliver a perfect tactile response for a variety of racing functions. When configured as a dual-clutch setup, they offer the perfect advantage when launching from the starting grid. Alternative configurations include a handbrake and two additional axes, so racers can program paddles as gas and brake, affording analog control for different racers.
  • Customizable Settings Display – Whether racers need different settings for different racing titles, or for different cars within the same title, they can easily configure important wheel settings within five different onboard racing profiles on the fly.
  • Quick Release Mounting – Redesigned clamping system lets desk-based racers easily mount and remove their wheel while retaining standard bolt holes for those mounting to a racing seat.

Alongside the G PRO wheel, Logitech also introduced the new Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals, featuring a load cell brake pedal, and magnetic hall effect sensors on the throttle and clutch. The space between the individual pedals is adjustable, and the pedal pressure can be dialed in with a set of alternative springs and elastomers.

The Logitech G PRO Racing Pedals are compatible with PCs with Windows 10/11 through a USB port, and if connected to PRO Racing Wheel: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation5, or PlayStation4 consoles.


  • Pressure Detection – The pedals register the force racers apply allowing for improved muscle memory and the perfect amount of braking power improves driver feel and delivers a more consistent racing performance.
  • Customizable Pedals – Easily accessible and quickly allows racers to adjust the feel of all three pedals. The clutch and gas pedals can be adjusted firmer or softer using a set of swappable springs and the brake pedal via a selection of elastomers. Both the gas and clutch pedal also use contactless hall effect sensors, ensuring their longevity.
  • Modular Design – Every pedal can be moved horizontally to create the perfect spacing for each racer, and removable pedal modules make customization a breeze.

Both the Logitech G PRO racing wheel for the Xbox, and the Playstation are already available for 1099.00€/£849.00/$999.00. The Logitech G PRO Pedals are available for 349.00€/£299.00/$349.00.

Official Webpage –  www.logitechg.com