Lotus Evora GT4 Coming to RaceRoom

Lotus Evora GT4 Coming to RaceRoom


Lotus Evora GT4 Coming to RaceRoom

A week ago, Sector3 Studios announced that the upcoming update patch will be adding the popular GT4 class to the RaceRoom Racing simulator. The new GT4 class will introduce the Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport MR, and the KTM Xbow GT4.

Today Sector3 Studios revealed they added a third car to the RaceRoom GT4 class lineup in the form of the Lotus Evora GT4.

Lotus Cars developed the Lotus Evora GT4 exclusively for the racing track. Powered by a naturally aspired Toyota-sourced 4.0-liter 24-valve V6 engine that is transverse mid-mounted the Lotus Evora GT4 delivers a maximum power of 355bhp at 6500rpm and 328lb ft at 5500rpm.

All these horses are transferred to the rear wheels via an Xtrac sequential 6-speed gearbox. The weight of the car is only 1,200 kg which results in an exquisite power to weight ratio. The Evora GT4 complies with GT4 race regulations and is eligible to compete in the SRO European GT4 Series, the SRO British GT4, the Dutch Supercar Challenge, and the Lotus Cup Series.

  Official Webpages – game.raceroom.comsector3studios.com