MAK-Corp introdused their 2014 Formula E project

2014 Formula E

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2014 Formula E project by MAK-Corp

MAK-Corp is introducing a new project that will bring the 2014 Formula E to Sim Racing. Formula E is the official FIA Championship for one-make, single-seater, electrically-powered racing cars.

MAK-Corp developed the car model for Escape Entertainment who partnered up with the FIA Formula E Championship. The Formula E simulator will be used as a marketing tool at every official Formula E event allowing the visitors to try out the car in a virtual environment using the rFactor simulator software by Image Space Inc.

The car is modeled by MAK-Corp’s 3D Open Wheel artist Raymond Schram and textures and liveries are done by 2D artist Carlos Frau. Lukasz Kacprzykowski was in charge of the mapping job, while Derek Nye created the physics. Stephen Young took the car model in-game, and Alvaro Perez created the sound-pack. the featured Renders are made by RacingRenders.

The MAK-Corp team also reports that they are working on virtual versions of  the nine tracks on the 2014 Formula E calendar. Check out the official webpage at

Official Webpage – 

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