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Martini Racing Ruf RT 12R ( iRacing Fan Video)

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Martini Racing Ruf RT 12R

It’s no secret that BsimRacing does love a good Sim Racing showcase video. We stumbled upon a video created by Woogyun Kwon showing us a Martini Racing Ruf RT 12R in action on the iRacing platform. The iRacing RUF sportscar does look more than fine in its standard clothes, but when it is dressed up with one of the most iconic Porsche liveries in the world it really starts to shine.  Enjoy the Martini Racing GT3 in action on the Japanese Suzuka Circuit.

It must be said that with the release of the Ruf RT 12R the skinning scene within the iRacing platform has been revitalised. On any given race with one of the RUF models, a large part of the drivers does use a custom designed livery. Creative minds interested in producing and sharing custom skins for the iRacing simulator can check out the Trading Paints website for all info and needed templates.

Music : Owl Vision – Lightshy

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