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McLaren Applied Technologies Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

McLaren Applied Technologies Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

How cool would it be to sim race in one of these… The included video shows us the ultra-high-end simulation environment set up for development and troubleshooting car designs at the McLaren Technology Centre, Woking, UK.

McLaren Applied Technologies (M.A.T.) and MTS Systems Corporation (MTS) a leading global supplier of high-performance test systems and sensors are bringing high-end simulators and associated technology to the global automotive market. While most current high-tech simulators are used to train drivers, this one is actually purpose built to help design a car.

M.A.T. and MTS created a next-generation all-electric Vehicle Dynamics Simulator (VDS) which is derived from the F1 team’s technology. It uses a tightly integrated ‘driver-in-the-loop’ system for engineering the development of road cars. The technology allows engineers to virtually test a conceptual vehicle design in multiple environments and scenarios, prior to the vehicle actually being produced. The can test the car design under precisely controlled simulated track conditions. The VDS is specifically geared toward commercial road car development and is a vital tool in the development of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems).

Whilst traditional automotive driving simulators have tended to focus solely on replicating realistic driving environments to assess driver behavior, McLaren and MTS’ state of the art simulation system offers a more holistic, complete approach to vehicle development, driven by data and facilitating maximum accuracy and immersion during the design and testing process. It features a proven system of high frequency cueing via steering feedback, vestibular motion cueing and sustained load mechanisms.

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McLaren Applied Technologies Vehicle Dynamics Simulator

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