More SimXperience AccuForce sneak peek photos



SimXperience AccuForce  SimXperience AccuForce

More SimXperience AccuForce sneak peek photos

Berney Villers of SimXperience, the world renowned company behind the SimXperience Stage 5 Motion Racing Simulator published three more sneak peek photos of the upcoming AccuForce Direct Drive wheel. The top picture clearly shows the build in USB hub, that will be convenient to attach devices such as shifters, pedals and display devices.

We stated it before, and it becomes more apparent that the AccuForce Direct Drive wheel is one of the most exciting and anticipated Professional Simracing products in development. In the latest set of pictures, we can see the full AccuForce Pro wheel on display complete with button-box, quick release, carbon shift levers and rim.

Last month, Berney Villers revealed the AccuForce pricing and the community was more than pleased to hear that SimXperience kept its word by retailing the AccuForce under 2000 US Dollars.

Introductory Prices are as follows:

  • AccuForce Pro Momo Edition – $1949
  • AccuForce Pro – $1749
  • AccuForce DIY – $1449

The SimXperience AF wheel is expected to be available for purchase at year end 2014.

AccuForce Button Box Features

  • 12 long-life buttons
  • Raised button modules optimize ergonomics by placing the buttons closer to your fingers than is possible on a traditional flat plate.
  • Extremely rigid design (I weigh in over 220lbs and am able to stand on it without causing damage)
  • Easily adjusted upper button modules facilitate simple bolt-on of many different steering wheels
  • Adjustable machined aluminum shifters with carbon fiber paddles (throw, paddle width and switch engagement point can be adjusted)
  • Optional attachment for phone cord style connector (useful if a non-SimXperience quick release is utilized)
  • USB port
  • Facilitates mounting of optional phone holder or SLI style USB displays.
  • DIY and Modder Friendly

Accu Force Quick Release

  • -Precision machined Aluminum
  • -6 spring-loaded hard gold pins enable transfer of power, USB and the SimXperience communication protocol through the quick release
  • -Extremely durable
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