Moza Racing Reveals R3 DD Wheel Sim Racing Bundle For Xbox

Moza Racing Reveals R3 DD Wheel Sim Racing Bundle For Xbox

During the 2023 Gamescom show at the Koelnmesse in Cologne, Germany, Moza Racing unveiled its first Console compatible Direct-Drive wheelbase / Pedal setup in the form of the MOZA R3 Bundle for the Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Windows 10/11.

This new bundle consists of a MOZA R3 Wheelbase, MOZA ES Steering Wheel, the MOZA Table Clamp, and the MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals. It’s clear that with this new product, Moza Racing is trying to set a new quality benchmark for entry-level sim racing equipment.

MOZA R3 Wheelbase

The great-looking X-shaped MOZA R3 combines striking aesthetics with a unified motor housing for improved cooling efficiency and lasting performance The 3.9Nm Direct-Drive wheelbase is compatible with both the Xbox and the PC. The wheelbase is fitted with a Moza quick-release system that allows you to easily change wheel rims. On the rear, we find connection Ports for power, a USB connection, a telemetry dash, pedals, an emergency stop, a shifter, and a handbrake.

The R3 bundle includes a MOZA Table Clamp which is a sturdy and adjustable clamp that allows you to mount the wheelbase and wheel to a table or rig. When used on a PC, the R3 wheelbase is compatible with the Moza app and the Pit House software.

R3 Wheelbase Specifications:

Supported Platforms: Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Windows 10/11
Drive Type: Direct Drive
Max Wheel Rotation: 2000°
Housing Material: Aviation-grade Aluminum Alloy
Housing Color: Black
Peak Torque: 3.9 N·m
Input Voltage: 100V~240V AC ->12V DC
USB Refresh rate: 1000Hz – Ultra high 15-bit encoder ensures a highly accurate and realistic steering feel.
APP Function: Supported
Connection Ports: power, USB, dash, pedals, emergency stop, shifter, and handbrake
Accessories: user manual and warranty card, power supply, data cable, and tool kit.
Mounting Method: Bottom mount with 2/4 holes or included Table Clamp
Upgradable firmware: supported
MOZA Racing ES wheel rim

The Xbox-branded MOZA ES rim is a round 280mm diameter wheel made out of high-quality materials fitted with non-slip, sweat-proof durable grips. It contains 22 programmable buttons, including a D-Pad. Furthermore, the wheel features a 10 Pcs RPM LED array for that extra immersion. It is connected to the wheelbase via a MOZA Quick Release.

ES Steering Wheel Specifications:

Wheel Rim Material: Aluminum Alloy
Shifter Paddle Material: Aluminum Alloy
Size: 280mm
Buttons: 22
High Brightness LEDs: 10 Pcs
Intelligent Telemetry: Supported
RPM LEDs Fully Adjustable through MOZA Pit House: Supported
Release Method: Quick Release
MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals

The MOZA SR-P Lite Pedals are a durable set of 3-pedals made out of high-strength steel. They support adjustable pedal-spacing / pedal-plate height and feature a progressive brake force curve.

SR-P Pedals Specifications:

Pedal Material: High Strength Steel
Pedal Plate Material: High Strength Steel
Color: Black
Sensing Method: Hall Sensor
Pedal Spacing: Adjustable
Pedal Plate Height: Adjustable
Pedal Travel Software Adjustment: Supported
Pedal Travel Reversal Function: Supported
Pedal Output Curve: Supported
Anti-slip Pedal Pad: Supported

The MOZA R3 bundle is available for Pre-Order at €439.00 / $399.00 VAT excluded + Shipping. The bundle is scheduled to be released in Q4 2023.

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Moza Racing R3 DD Wheel Sim Racing Bundle For Xbox