Moza Racing – SGP Sequential Shifter Up For Pre-Order

Moza Racing - SGP Sequential Shifter Up For Pre-Order

Moza Racing introduced its new premium all-metal construction SGP Sequential Shifter which is now up for pre-order.

The new shifter is engineered out of aerospace-grade aluminum and high-strength steel. The precision design aims to deliver a smooth and accurate shift behavior, replicating the feel of a real sequential gearbox.

The SGP Sequential Shifter features a versatile multi-functional handle with adjustable shifting resistance, allowing quick shifts to neutral or reverse, a non-contact Hall sensor for consistent performance, and two customizable RGB backlit mechanical buttons. The shifter is fully adjustable to conform to your personal preferences through the MOZA Pit House software.

You can personalize the button colors and brightness, sync the shifter paddle, and adjust the sequential settings effortlessly. The flexible reverse mounting feature allows the SGP to be easily fitted to your racing rig.

Furthermore, It features an Interchangeable shifter knob via the industry standard M12 thread. The shifter can be connected to a PC via USB or a compatible MOZA base.


  • The Moza Racing SGP Sequential Shifter is available on pre-order for €139.00. + taxes and shipping if apply. – Estimated shipments start on February 20th.

SGP Sequential Shifter Specs:

  • All Metal Construction – Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy and high-strength steel
  • Dimensions – 320mm x 182mm x 52mm
  • Versatile Multi-Functional Handle
  • Height Adjustment Range – 64mm
  • Forward or reverse mounting
  • Adjustable Damper
  • Stable Non-Contact Hall Sensor
  • Personalized Adjustability
  • Fully Customizable
  • Seamless Connectivity via USB

Official Webpage –

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