Moza RS V2 Steering Wheel Review By The SRG

Barry Rowland of the Sim Racing Garage reviews the new Moza Racing RS V2 Steering Wheel. In good fashion, Barry takes the product through the famous SRG review process.

The new Moza RS V2 is a quality 13-inch Standard Racing Steering Wheel made out of aerospace-grade aluminum and wrapped with leather stitched grips.

On the Forged Carbon Fiber base Plate we find 10 backlit pushbuttons which are customizable with 8 different colors. Furthermore, the rim is fitted with 2 universal Joysticks and 2 rotary encoders (20-segment dial).

The top-front of the wheel plate contains an RPM/shift indicator made of sequential flow lighting with 10 RGB LEDs customizable with 7 different colors.

The rear houses forged carbon fiber shifter paddles and a set of Dual-Clutch Photoelectric Magnetic paddles that can be toggled between single or dual-clutch mode.

The rim is connected to a wheelbase via Moza’s aluminium customized quick-release system, while the electronics communicate with the R21/R16/R9 bases via wireless communication. (Also works on the R5 wheelbase through slip-ring wired communication.)

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