MSM – The Motorsports Manager, Free2play Browsergame.

MSM – The Motorsports Manager, Free2play Browsergame.

MSM – The Motorsports Manager is a free2play online racing simulation/tycoon game in the tradition of games like Grand Prix Manager 2 or Grand Prix WorldYou manage your own racing team and can compete with (hopefully someday) thousands of other players for the MSM Championship. But to race with the best of the best you have to manage your stall and finances wisely.

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The goal of MSM is to create the most fun and extensive motorsports business simulation. Lots of time is spent developing the game and adding a lot of features over the years so it’s already pretty big feature-wise.


Research and develop your own racing car
Build up your team of mechanics, engineers and designers to develop your own racing car. It’s up to you whether you want an all-round car or specialize in different categories like aerodynamics or performance.

Driver Market
You need to find and hire the best drivers on the market and continue to train them. But be careful – if the contract runs out drivers will be put back on the market and might be hired by your competition.

Regular Live Races
MSM is set on a three-day-cycle with regular live races. Each cycle consists of a training day, a qualifying day and the racing day with the final live race at 19:00.

League- and division-based competition
MSM is a season-based game with its own leagues and divisions. At the end of each season the best player’s will level up into the next league while the last positions will downgrade.

Tactics & Strategy
In front of every race you need to set your car setup, plan your fuel and pit stop tactics, chose the right tires and give the tactical instructions to your drivers to outperform your competition.

Join or found your own association with your friends and compete against other associations for the top of the leader board. Sponsors
Select the right sponsors for your team to gain the biggest bonuses.

Sell your own merchandise to your fans and invest in new products for your portfolio.

Paint Shop
Select from a large and ever-growing list of different paint jobs to customize your racing car after your personal taste.

Friendly Races
You can join or organize private races on your home track and race for fame and money.

Team Grounds
Expand your team grounds by constructing and upgrading new buildings – ranging from VIP Lounges for your sponsors to Go-Cart Tracks for your youth drivers

Youth Drivers
You can invest in youth drivers to find up-and-coming talents, which you can either let drive for your own stall or put them on the drivers market when they’re old enough.

Department Heads
You can hire (expensive) department heads, which allow you to increase your research & development teams

Compare your performance with your competition on a wide selection of different leader boards.

Tutorial & Achievements
A clear & motivating tutorial system guides you through the game and rewards you on your way.

Chat & PM 
You can chat live with the rest community or have private discussions with our built in PM System.

Premium-Features (BUT NO PAY TO WIN)
The game is absolutely free to play but we do offer several premium features which make the game easier to play, give you additional feedback and information about some of the game’s mechanics or let you customize your cars and stall but we don’t sell in-game advantages which make it easier to win. It’s important to notice that the game is a tycoon/management game. Although there are live races and you can give orders to your drivers to affect the outcome of a race you don’t actually drive yourself! This is no Forza or Need for Speed.

Future Updates:We still have a lot of features we want to implement but the next big thing will definitely by a real-time visualization of our live races.

Technical Stuff:
The game runs in your browser and does not require any plugin or installation and, since it’s already live and playable in germany for the last 4 years, it should run pretty solid (There is even a working but not very good looking mobile version).

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