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NASCAR 14 Review by Inside Sim Racing

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NASCAR 14 by ETX Racing

Darin Gangi and Jason Dunnington of Inside Sim Racing posted a video review of NASCAR 2014 by Eutechnyx Limited, who are now using the name ETX Racing. You might also know them as the developer behind the Auto Club Revolution title. Both Darin and Jason tested the 4th generation of this NASCAR title on their own rigs. Darin explains that they will be using a slightly different scoring system then what we were used to in the ISR shows. Darin and Jason start of with the settings of the game and then continue to the actual scoring. Nascar 2014 will be rated on Physics, Graphics, Sounds and Force Feedback.

All in all the game did not score very well in this review. Nascar 14 is basically a PC port of a Console game, making it hard to compare with a sim racing title. Both Menu system and physics are geared towards the console crowd, and are reported somewhat dated acting as a PC racer. On the other hand, graphics and sounds are rated as very good. Content wise all the necessary NASCAR elements seem to be implemented, but lack some realism and accuracy. The most important factor is probably the “Fun Factor” but sadly enough NASCAR 14 did not score well at this either.

NASCAR 14 by ETX Racing is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation3 and PC.  More info at the official NASCAR 14 website.

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