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New Fanatec driver and firmware released- Pedal update coming?

New Fanatec driver

56810bf75e2671144bfabd77a9c215  New Fanatec driver

New Fanatec driver and firmware released- Pedal update coming?

Fanatec has released a new driver for all its steering wheels released before June 2015 and all Fanatec USB Pedals. Also, a  new firmware is available for the CSW V1 and V2 base units.

The new driver brings you updates for the FFB system, Driver graphic user interface, FW-Updater and adds a selection of small code improvements. Fanatec also added support for the Universal Wheel Hub for Xbox One which turns your ClubSport Wheel Base V1 or V2 into an Xbox One compatible device.


The last few days, the Fanatec Media team have been teasing us with picture posts, hinting that a new or updated Fanatec pedal set will be released soon. If we find more news, we will keep you posted.

Full change log for ver219:

Supported devices.


  • ClubSport Wheel Base V2
  • ClubSport Wheel Base
  • CSR Wheel
  • CSR Elite Wheel
  • Porsche GT2 Wheel
  • Porsche GT3 V2 Wheel
  • Porsche Wheel Turbo S


  • All Fanatec USB Pedals
  • All pedal sets which are connected to supported Fanatec Wheels
  • ClubSport USB Adapter (Handbrake & ClubSport Shifter supported)

ClubSport Series Steering Wheels:

  • ALL (released before June 2015)
  • Universal Hub for Xbox One (NEW)

New firmware included:

  • CSW V1 base: CSW_Base_V095_rev486_boot_beta
  • CSW V2 base: CSW_V2_Base_V094_rev485_boot_beta

Feature Updates:

CSP (V1 & V2) vibration can now be used by developers when pedals connected to CSW Base. Fanatec SDK Updated!
Several updates for…

  • FFB system
  • Driver gui
  • FW-Updater
  • Various small code improvements

CHANGELOG CSW (V1 & V2) Firmware:

  • UHX / Xbox One supported
  • Optimized cooling (CSW V2) – new speed stages – fans will not operate in idle mode
  • Dynamic CSP pedal vibration control integrated and opened for SDK commands
  • Saving/loading animation on START (Power) button integrated. Wheel base now shows when it is “busy”
  • Tuning menu: OFF value in SEN has been renamed to AUT for better comprehension of the feature
  • New soft stop / angle limitation (CSW V2)
  • Many small and various improvements“

CHANGELOG CS USB Shifter Firmware:

  • Permanent storage of calibration data optimized
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