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New WreckFest Update available

BugBear Entertainment - WreckFest

Wreckfest  Wreckfest

New WreckFest Update available

After being silent for quite a while, BugBear Entertainment now released a new update for their Wreckfest smash ’em up racer formerly known as Next Car Game.

As usual, the update contains a selection of fixes and improvements on both the core game and the online netcode.

Wreckfest is available on the official Steam page for 23,44€.



  • Implemented an experimental version of part repairing and crew mechanics.
    Note that in order to be able to repair you first need to recruit a crew by clicking the small crew button above the car’s icon and then assign your newly-recruited crew to the car.
  • Added a new work-in-progress tarmac track.
  • Improved all suspension setups.
  • Added Racing and Rally tyres in addition to Standard ones.
  • Improved off-road surfaces, now they are either more slippery or slow down.
  • Improved clutch logic so it’s now easier to get the car moving again after spinning out.
  • Improved gamepad controller.
  • Fixed frequent crashing when joining servers with lawn mowers.
  • Improved vehicle paint-job changing speed.
  • Improved game start-up time after system boot.
  • Fixed graphics settings resetting after system boot.
  • Excluded paint-job related files from data modification check.
  • Implemented new grass.
  • Alpha-to-coverage multisampling for foliage is now always enabled.
  • Removed festive stuff.


  • Added basic event rotation functionality for dedicated server.
  • Added an ability to log dedicated server’s messages to a file.
  • Further reduced idle dedicated server CPU usage.
  • Dedicated server configuration is from now on read from server_config.cfg file which is not clobbered by Steam updates. The file is seeded from the old initial_server_config.cfg file.


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