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Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 Simulator Cockpit

Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 Simulator Cockpit

Pagnian Imports introduces the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2.

As a follow up for their original Next Level Racing Motion Platform, the new adaptation of the platform is completely revised in terms of appearance and now has its power supply and the micro-controller housed inside the unit. This way the Racing Motion Platform V2 has an even smaller footprint than its already compact predecessor. Furthermore, the new platform features more mounting points to make it more adaptable to other brands or DIY cockpits.

One of the most important factors of a motion platform is its reaction speed or latency. Pagnian Imports state that the Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 is 200% faster than the V1.  Besides the movement the unit now also features built-in tactile feedback simulating road bumps, road texture, engine vibrations, gear changes, collisions, rubs & bumps generated by in-game telemetry data. The V2 unit is also quieter than its predecessor.

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 also supports a “direct input controller” function, enabling you to run the motion platform directly from feedback from your steering wheel, flight controls or even gamepad.  The platform comes complete with simple to use click and play software compatible with all major racing and flight games on PC.

The Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 is on sale for £1,999.00 / US$2,999.99.  The official website does not list a euro price, but at today’s exchange rates, it would translate to €2849. In Europe the units are in stock. Americans can pre-order with shipping dates starting as early as February 2016.

Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2  Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2


  • Incredibly Fast and accurate yet smooth realistic movements using professional motion cueing profile
  • Platform also delivers vibration and feedback to simulate road bumps, road texture, vibrations, gear changes, collisions, rubs and bumps using accurate in car telemetry data
  • Unique compact design meaning no extra floor space required
  • Simple to use being a direct USB plug in with Professional Click and Play Software
  • Quality European Engineering and Manufacturing
  • Click and Play Compatible with almost every Racing and Flight Game as well as constant software updates to support new games that hit the market

What’s Included:

  • Next Level Racing Motion Platform
  • USB cable
  • Power Cable
  • Professional Software Click and Play Software
  • Instructions for Quick and Easy Setup


  • Supported Height – 120 cm Children to 210cm Adults
  • Supported Max Weight – 130 KG
  • Product Dimensions  – L 32 x W 46 x H 20 CM
  • Product Weight – 11 KG
  • Boxed Dimensions – 49 X 48 X 21 CM
  • Boxed  Weight – 13 KG
  • Part Number NLR-M001


Official Webpage –


Next Level Racing Motion Platform V2 Platform