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Niels Heusinkveld Q&A Part 6 – Modding and physics

Niels Heusinkveld   A&A part 6

Niels Heusinkveld Q&A Part 6 – Modding and physics

Niels Heusinkveld of Heusinkveld Engineering continues to answer user questions in this sixth part of his Q&A session.

During this 25-minute episode, sim racing physics experts Niels Heusinkveld answers questions that were send in by the community members, and shares his views on modding and physics within the Sim Racing scene. Niels also provides us with some background info regarding modding projects he was involved in. He also explains some of the work involved when creating custom simulations based on real world racing car data.

Heusinkveld Engineering is a Dutch company that offers a broad array of products and services to the real and virtual racing scene. From advanced vehicle simulation software to simulator hardware. Sim Racers might also know Niels as the main physics creator at Reiza Studios.

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